The RingMaster Review’s Indie /Alternative Best of 2013

2013 has seen a depth of originality and rabid exploration which has left the imagination and passions ablaze with pleasure and The RingMaster Review has had the pleasure to come across a tsunami of releases bred from that same creative fire and adventure. Taking a lingering and intensive look at the albums covered by the site from the vast array of indie and alternative genres from punk to folk, noise to ambient and much more besides we have sculpted out Best of Year choices to recommend for potent attention.

1. Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World Of Weird555928_584429381594861_1695733989_n

…here to exploit and uncover the darkest secrets of your mind whilst travelling the exotic and dangerous mental halls of its creator…

square-cover-smaller2. Dizraeli and The Small Gods: Moving In The Dark

…seizes thoughts and emotions with a dramatically impacting innovative voice coated in a towering imagination driven mesmerism…

3. The Rott Childs – Alleluia: A Brit Milah In G Melodic Minor51-quggw9vl-_sl500_aa280_

…sculpted with schizophrenic invention and bedlamic imagination, the sonic alchemy uncaged a breath-taking, fertile tempest of post hardcore and mathcore ingenuity aligned to an aggressive progressive intent …

04_theroostercover4. Lune Palmer – The Rooster

…wraps and washes the senses in ambient and atmospheric fascination, a coaxing which has the passions discovering a near on lustful greed for…

5. Helldorado – Bones In The Closetbones-in-the-closet

…the cinematic lures of their music is as potent as its sensory incitement and here leaves the listener perpetually wiping the dust from their eyes and pulling their mental stetson/sombrero down whilst chewing on a cigar Eastwood style…

fuckshovel-cover-artwork6. Fuckshovel -This Is What We Are

…a riotous storm of rampant rock n roll with no intent to compromise or accept mere appreciation of its forceful sounds, it is all or nothing and for us it is everything such the compelling and inciting muscular pleasure on offer…

7. Maths and the Moon – Night Train Daydreama3240501242_2

… plenty more to the spellbinding sonic travelogue of course, all of which only teases and thralls the senses and imagination into its tense and dramatic escapade…

551283_10151283210191924_2033457083_n8. Honningbarna – Verden Er Enkel

…dramatic flames of melodic fervour and hooks as barbed and addictive as any sexual favour, the thirteen track release thrusts the band into the heady heights of being the future of melodic punk and possibly the core elements of punk itself…

9. Ruts DC – Rhythm Collision Volume 251bihnzni3l-_sy450_

… can be announced as one of the finest most exhilarating albums to grace and ignite the passions in a long time. The rhythmic heart of the album shows Ruffy and Jennings have lost none of their majestic power and provocative resonance whilst creatively they lay bench mark after benchmark for bands and…

IMG_0361v310. I Plead Irony – This Statement Is False

…an irresistible temptation which croons, rages, frolics, and rampages within the ear across its startling collection of impressively sculpted contagion posing as songs. It is without doubt one of the most exciting and compelling  albums this year, a scintillating mesh of hard, alternative, and indie rock…

11. Tankus the Henge – Self Titledtankus_cover

…the eleven track feast of what the band calls Carnival rock ‘n’ roll is a pulsating, riveting triumph of musical and lyrical eccentricity, exhausting imaginative adventures, and shadow wrapped dark revelry…

a0645899867_212. In Evil Hour – The World Bleeds Out

…a savage yet anthemic confrontation which allows hope and temptation to be as rife and alluring as the aggressive and spiteful creative toxicity which stirs up and incites the imagination…

13. Pryapisme – Hyperblast Super Collider230737_527072527326371_2122373134_n

…pure maniacal genius. It is a raging adventure which ignites every possible target from ear to heart as it heads straight for the soul with at times bewildering, often disorientating, and uncontrollably fascinating brilliance…

Following closely in the wake of the above are also highly recommended…

Goldblade- The Terror Of Modern Life

Gabby Young & Other Animals: The Band Called Out For More

Mucho Tapioca – Self Titled

Steve Ignorant With Paranoid Visions – When…?

The Dropper’s Neck – Second Coming

Japanese Fighting Fish – Day Bombs

The RingMaster Review 28/12/2013

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