R & M – Manekeni


Hailing from Mogilev, Belarus, R & M (Rose and Milk)  is an alternative rock band who, on the evidence of first EP  Manekeni, knows how to write and craft deeply enticing melodically soaked songs. The seven track release embraces the ears with refined melodic persuasion and potent emotive textures which linger and lure out the imagination and passions, and though arguably the EP does not venture into being something truly unique from other similarly sound clad bands it sets its creators out as an encounter worthy of greater intensive attention.

Formed in 2009 the band from their debut gig supporting Pilot a year later has earned a well-respected presence within their homeland and further afield. The next couple of years saw the release of a maxi single and an internet album as well as shows across in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia to great success. Recently releasing Manekeni and since signing with GlobMetal Promotion, the band is poised to carve a big impression further afield and on the showing of the EP you would not bet against that happening.

The release opens with Исключение Из Правил and instantly there is a coaxing of the ears and emotions through richly tempting melodic tenderness, its lure skirted by keen rhythms and an atmospheric breath. As the great clean vocals add expression and dramatic texture to the musical narrative there is seemingly an increase in intensity from every element, riffs and rhythms finding extra snarl and punch whilst melodies reach into stronger emotive temptation. With not for the first time an excellent sudden stop to the song which works so well it is a potently striking start and introduction to the band though the track does throw up one slight issue. The lyrics are presented in the band’s native tongue and though that is not usually a problem you feel unless a countryman of the band you are missing out on the emotional depths and strength of the lyrical content, their certain call and power diminished by the lack of knowing their intent.

Both Пеплом По Ветру and Ночь-День continue the impressive start, the first with descriptive keys stroking the imagination as a great bass snarl stalks the again skilled guitar play and striking vocals. Its successor merges slower reflective passages with a sinew borne provocation, though the former makes the fuller suasion across the song. Once more the craft and passion of the band is undeniable and unmissable and though neither song manages to match the first they both strike another infectious mark in thoughts for the band. Tagged as alternative rock, the song alongside those before show that there is much more to the band’s sound, Rose & Milk unafraid to mix in sturdy melodic metal and dirtier grunge like flavours into their creative well.

Manekeni continues to engage and grip as the likes of …из Календарей with its mouth-watering rhythmic enticement leading the emotions into the melodically soaked expressive heart of the song where another great bass temptation lies in wait to seduce the imagination, and the predominantly vocal and guitar seeded croon that is Отпускаю add more tempting before the ears whilst Манекены without quite rising to the same heights reinforces the presence of the release with an accomplished fire of emotion and aural endeavour.

The closing track Мой Мир has a similar presence and stature to the previous track bringing the EP to a strong conclusion if without sparking the fullest appetite bred by earlier songs. Nevertheless it is an openly satisfying end to a thoroughly engaging release which sets R & M as a band very worthy of a wider attention and focus. Expect to hear more of R & M if not through this great slice of pleasing rock ‘n’ roll then certainly some time in their musical ascent.


RingMaster 20/12/2013

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