Baby Godzilla – Knockout Machine EP


Thrashing the senses from pillar to post, UK noise activists Baby Godzilla build upon and thrust further forward their already rampant reputation with new release the Knockout Machine EP. Five tracks of raucous and lethal post hardcore /noise rock with voracious punk causticity recorded for the band’s legendary Black Heart Residency shows which they played in Camden, London this past summer, the EP has just been released for the first time and for free via the band’s Bandcamp profile. It is a mighty confrontation which is like being locked in a sonic spin dryer for thirteen odd minutes of pure imaginative ferocious, the release providing exactly what its title suggests.

The Nottingham quartet of Paul Shelley, Jonny Hall, Matt Reynolds, and Tom Marsh has garnered a massive reputation for their explosive live show, their stage presence being described as “death-defyingly brilliant”. Previous releases NPAG and Oche of 2010 and 2012 respectively have done them no harm either but it is easy to say that the Knockout Machine takes a deeper potent grip. With a sound bringing thoughts of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, and The Dillinger Escape Plan into play at times; the release one suspects provides a very powerful indication of what the band feels and sounds like live whilst treating the listener to an intrusive experience which juggles with senses, imagination, and ultimately the passions.

Opener A Good Idea Realised launches itself off of a lone abrasive stroke of guitar and an instantly biting sonic wind into a a1205978287_2maelstrom of manipulative rhythms and ravenous riffing. With caustically squalling vocals equally scarring the air as the riotous sounds, the track pounces on and dances with the senses like an aural raptor, searing flesh and igniting the passions simultaneously. With a virulently rhythmic core and addictive toxicity to its carnivorous sonic hunger, the song and band ferociously ravages with the mischief of the devil and the enterprise of a bedlam bred imagination.

The first brief tirade upon the ear is followed by an even swifter assault from the torrential scourge that is Trogloraptor. The track may be shorter than the patience of a bear awoken from hibernation and just as powerfully irritable, but with a deluge of barbarous addictive hooks and a just as infectious riffing under another tsunami of vocal spite it is an incredibly compelling and consuming treat which is soon matched by the weightier Whorepaedo. Finding a throatier predation to its sound, especially the bass, and a more intensive rabidity to its hunger and energy, the track twists and flexes a sonic invention and rhythmic muscle which is soaked in creative intrigue and devoid of all predictability, something applying to the whole release.

The senses stamping presence of A Great Idea Bastardised bruises and preys on the senses next; rhythms again a thunderous tsunami of intent and provocation goaded by acidic guitar sculpting and vocal scathing. Employing a dance of discord bred and disjointedly boned revelry which secures the strongest submission to its fury and invention, the track is a blistering rampage of primal fingering amidst a destructive sonic tapestry and sheer exhaustive pleasure.

The EP closes with In The Name Of Science And Progress, a scurrilous and feverish sonic pestilence spawned from the cutest annihilatory genius posing as a band. Lashing and slashing the ears like a single minded executioner within an avalanche of aural malevolence and acidic ingenuity, the concluding torment forges a storm of unbridled rabidly delivered animosity with an alternative lumbering oppressiveness to enslave and evoke the senses yet again. It is a masterful punishment to end a similarly vicious and triumphant release.

Giving extreme music and sonic animosity a new exultant breath, Baby Godzilla is poised to sculpt the future of noise and psyche rock, the beast to take extreme realms to unexplored depths and viciousness with the Knockout Machine EP holding all the potential and proof to support that anticipation. It is easily one of the best releases this year and a turbulent aural transgression to welcome and devour with greed.

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