Elizabeth – Insomnia

Artwork Elizabeth

Parading a deliciously vicious ferocity veined with deceptively compelling enterprise, Insomnia from Swiss hardcore antagonists Elizabeth is a spiteful and sonically destructive fury of an encounter. It leaves senses numb and emotions violated with four tracks of intensity sculpted truculence veined by hooks and lures which are insidious in their deceptive potency, their toxicity as rich and inescapable as the tempest consuming the ears. The EP is an irresistible bruising from a band that recently released the Deluxe Edition of Where Vultures Land containing all of their previous body of work, and with this new slab of provocation there is a striking suggestion of even greater hardcore punk pestilence and invention is crowding on the band’s horizon.

The Geneva based trio of vocalist Javier Varela, guitarist Charly Boson, and drummer Matthieu Baumann brings the Throatruiner Records released storm to bear on the ear firstly with the exhausting oppressive climate of Ravens. From its opening second a sonic brew gains bulk before exploding with carnivorous intent alongside a heavy rhythmic barrage into a savage cloud of intensity. From within the voracious onslaught a virulently toxic groove also lays down its temptation which in turns encourages riffs and sonic adventure to stretch their remit. Rhythms and vocals still bleed the air of all peace and mercy though as the track delivers two minutes of stunning sonic and insatiable rabid enterprise and danger, which is also the title of the second track on the album.

Danger unleashes its full animosity and energy within the shortest moments, riffs and sonic storming through a corrosive blaze upon the ear with Varela adding his rasping causticity venomously in the background. The all out charge of the track does tempers its gait and onslaught as the barbarity nears its conclusion though the aggression and maliciousness makes no attempt to restrain its thrilling enticement, but for the main the song is a haranguing bluster to ignite further hunger for band and release.

There is a more predatory essence to Created Enemies, the track almost prowling the senses though its eagerness to sink its sonic jaws in is open and soon let of the leash. Riffs and rhythms entrap and enslave with ease but where its predecessor’s rampage unrelentingly, the song evolves its presence with a passage where the ever scorched tones of Varela and the rhythmic probing of Baumann are allowed access to clear air before being pulled into another union with rapacious riffs and suffocating intensity.

A tasty bass snarl of riffs opens up the closing Cemetery Feeling, its throaty barbarous tones soon assisted by a fire of equally ravenous riffs courted by a thumping cage of rhythmic intrusion and sonic manipulation. With another nocuous groove spearing the grievous siege, the track is a dynamic conclusion to a just as fearsome blitz of a release.

If Insomnia is the portent of things to come from Elizabeth then we are all in for a treat, a nasty callous one but a treat all the same whilst this is a must have release for all aural masochists.




RingMaster 12/12/2013

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