Nemecyst – Our Burdens Will Bury Us

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Though arguably only flirting with a sound which is wholly distinctive, Scottish metallers Nemecyst certainly show and offer all the potential to forge a future unique position within British melodic metalcore with new EP Our Burdens Will Bury Us. Consisting of four ferocious and fiery blazes of aggressive endeavour and impacting potency, the release is an attention grabbing slab of provocation, a confrontation which puts a spotlight of the Glasgow quintet even if without lighting any real fire in the passions for its accomplished ferocity.

From its formation in 2010, Nemecyst took little time in awakening senses and attention locally with their music and live performances. A home-produced demo of early material in 2012 also set down a marker of promise for those coming across the band, even if still the band was a secret hidden from most of us. You can only feel as it chews on the senses that Our Burdens Will Bury Us will rip apart the shadows which closed the band off from the country and start an ascent which the release certainly suggests is a looming potent possibility. Released via the newly formed Radicate Records, the Nick Scholey (Yashin, Lower than Atlantis) produced EP definitely puts Nemecyst on the front foot as they attempt to get their juggernaut of sound and intensity rolling across the country to plague and thrill ears nationwide and beyond.

Opener Through Blind Eyes, which has just seen its video also unleashed, has no time for niceties, riffs and rhythms Album Art - Our Burdens Will Bury Usimmediately falling upon the ears guided by a vocal squall from James Bartolini. Its entrance slaps attention around the face and its way before settling into an intensive weave of melodic rock and rousing metallic provocation. Drummer Blair Hutcheson offers an instant enticement, his skills a senses rummaging rampant fury of venomous rhythmic intent courted by the equally predacious throaty croon of Jason Ingram’s bass. Together they give a dark intimidating depth and attack to the track which is malevolently complimented and rivetingly tempered by the sonic sculpting provided by guitarists Sam Allan and Danny O’Donnell, their invention rife with acidic melodies and evocative hues. Ridden by the clean yet slightly coarse tones of Bartolini it makes a strong and inciting start.

Place Your Bets steps up next with tendrils of sonic flames from the guitars wrapping around the ears before the rhythms uncage another intense rabidity to their persuasion. Bartolini offers a very pleasing blend of clean and aggravated growls to mix things up, though the production slightly defuses the venom and snarl in his caustic delivery a little too much for personal tastes, but a minor niggle in a second impressive encounter on the EP. The track, as the vocals, flows easily between angst fuelled rapaciousness and descriptive beauty, each member on the song showing impressive individual craft whilst uniting for an equally powerful enterprising brawl of sound.

The remaining pair of I’m Just An Exterminator and Pulling Me Under continues the flair and intensity rippling within the release, a more progressive expanse permeating both colour packed sonic landscapes. The first of the two is the favourite which emerged here, the continually evolving and exploratory nature of the track a seamless journey which ensures intrigue and unpredictability are the leading aspects even if debatably there is nothing truly new on offer to that anywhere else within harsh melodic metal. Nevertheless the song is an absorbing adventure soon matched by its successor, this track again unafraid to play with and merge extremes into one strongly pleasing, promise full sonic pot.

With thoughts of bands such as Trivium, All That Remains, Bury Tomorrow, and As I Lay Dying raising their knowing heads as references throughout its presence, Our Burdens Will Bury Us lacks that something, a spark to dramatically fire up the passions but certainly leaves Nemecyst as a force to find an eagerness for and to watch closely for an anticipated explosive future.


RingMaster 10/12/2013

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