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A bruising and at times nastily vicious encounter, Asülum the new album from Estonian metallers Goresoerd is one of those addictions you just cannot shake off or want to be without. Consisting of twelve tracks which lyrically you can only guess what is going on, due to the band presenting their inventive furies in their own language, and musically ignite the fullest passions, the album is a predatory rampage of genre crossing and manipulating imagination. It raises a hunger for the band ahead and retrospectively which so far cannot get enough of their inventive violence.

Formed in 2004 by ‘two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore’, Goresoerd has evolved into a force of mouth-watering enterprise which around a death metal seeded core recruits styles and essences into something distinctive and incredibly captivating. The band’s third album and the successor to the acclaimed Tüdruk ja Surm of 2010, Asülum thrusts the Tallinn hailing Goresoerd to the frontline of European extreme and eclectic metal.

It thrusts itself forcibly upon the senses with opener Depressiivmeedia, a vocal cry the starter for a rapacious heavyweight Goresoerd_1600x1600pxbarracking of the ears by abrasive riffs, the thumping rhythms of Ken Takmazjan, and the caustic vocal grazing of Eero Soomere backed by the equally gnarled tones of guitarist Stig Lindeberg. It is an immediately gripping confrontation, a seemingly djent inspired savagery aligned to a sonic exploration which entangles the imagination as firmly as the antagonistic intensity and storming energy. At times the song snatches a resemblance to Stam1na whilst a heavy metal element crowds in with the tempestuous enterprise at play to show the diversity to come across Asülum.

Masin is next up to tantalise and chew thoughts and emotions, another death/heavy metal maelstrom working its persuasion as the song twists and turns with venomous but enthralling invention. The guitars of Lindeberg and Rasmus Tauk provide an expanse of creative and annihilatory temptation whilst the bass of Otto simply stalks every note offered, all helping to sculpt a tempest which has a healthy if distant similarity to the likes of Livarkahil. Its impressive fury is matched by the punkish ferocity of Poomine and the incendiary classic metal taunting of Kuningas-Direktor, both aggressive hardcore fuelled tracks unveiling further variety and invention of sound which riles up the imagination and appetite into a greedier hunger for the release.

The breath-taking attacks of both Soerd and Kloonitud Jumal provide two of the biggest pinnacles of the album, the first a voracious slab of metal which incites the imagination with a continually evolving and intimidating blaze of styles and almost bedlam spawned rabidity whilst its successor from a restrained yet hungry stroll of groove metal brews a sonic and intensive tirade of inventive but malevolent emprise which simply enthrals and breeds greater passion for the uncompromising intrusion, especially the nagging waspish groove which stirs within the latter end of the treat.

The thrash powered Uppunud Loomade Varjupaik again reminds of Stam1na, the melodically and infectious grooves and hooks cast from similar wells as the Finns whilst the raging Kurjajuur is a thrilling merger of hardcore and death vengeance under a delicious spattering of groove and nu metal, just to name some of the influences setting up this explosion of imagination as the biggest peak of Asülum. It is a thunderous exhilarating furnace of ingenuity which leaves the following likes of Surnud Siber and Põrguekspress a hard task to follow. Of course they both do so with unbridled exploratory craft and inventive intensity, though neither can grip the same plateau as the previous track or many before it. The synths of Meelis Tauk on the tracks bring their strongest allurement to the album yet to make an evocative presence behind the striking guitar craft and though it is fair to say the rhythmic and guitar borne elements as well as the ever impressive and predacious vocals take centre stage more often than not across the album, Tauk and the turntable and sampling skills of Rene Jõhve provide a seduction which adds depth and richness to the ferocity.

Asülum closes with its outstanding title track and the excellent atmospherically woven carnivorous Raibe Lenda, the pair providing two more stunning inventive provocations to complete one exceptional and invigorating creative incitement. Goresoerd should be a world-wide known name and presence and with Asülum easily capable of being the weapon to open that door, hopes and expectations might get that wish very soon.



RingMaster 14/11/2013

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