SPIRYTUS release ‘The Fundamentals’ EP, on Monday 13th January‏

 ‘Brutal and Soulful… Spirytus has endless potential’ – Laz Pina, Ill Niño
Sparking glowing comparisons that liken the quintet to ‘a full speed car crash between Faith No More and Korn, peppered with the fury of Rage Against the Machine’, the band are rapidly climbing the ranks and amassing a stellar live reputation for delivering highly energetic and engaging shows.
Although originally formed in 2004, Spirytus were not truly active until three years ago. The early years of the band were spent grappling with their sound and direction before finally evolving into a fully fledged groove metal outfit just prior to the release of their self-titled debut album. The album was released in 2010 and snared extensive national praise and radio airplay for the band, along with having a track featured on the cover mount CD of Metal Hammer.
The funk metallers are serving their time on the road and have played throughout the country racking up notable festival appearances, including playing Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hell Road Trip for three consecutive years where the band played alongside Skindred, Panic Cell, Breed 77, Wolf, Evile and more (the band actually headlined the event in 2012).  In 2011, Spirytus opened for Ill Nino, as well as playing the Kick Out The Jams Festival and Hammerfest, where they headlined the Fresh Blood Stage. Spirytus also played Hammerfest again in 2012, after they beat over 1000 bands at the Highway to Hell competition to win a slot to appear at the festival. Along the way, Ryan from the band, has also managed to sing on stage with Fred Durst on three separate occasions; his band mate, Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, refers to Ryan as ‘the guy with the loudest voice on the planet’.
After the success of their debut album, the band wanted to tweak their sound and parted ways with one of their guitarists, recruiting a turntablist to further augment their funky tendencies. With a refreshed line-up consisting of Ryan Walton (Vocals), Ben Edis (Bass), Alistair Bell (Guitar), Ben McAlonan (Drums) and Daniel Jones (Turntablist) and a revitalised sound that pitches a bouncy mix of upbeat party-time funk crossed with the grit and brutal aggression of modern metal, Spirytus set to work on their new record.
The five-some are now poised to release their eagerly awaited new EP ‘The Fundamentals EP’, which packs together eight slabs of biting groove metal, including the blistering forthcoming video single for ‘Mandem’. Spirytus also hit the road on a UK tour comprised of various headline shows, along with support slots with Breed 77. Consummately, everything is slipping into place for the band.

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