Haarts- Article Way

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Making their debut with first single Article Way, UK indie rock band Haarts present themselves as a rather enterprising and intriguing proposition, one with a magnetic presence soaked in rich promise. The single is a dramatic entrance though one which seduces rather than demands attention with the result ultimately the same, full persuasion. It is a potent encounter, one which places the band firmly on the radar.

Article Way is the first of a trio of singles to be released and is an impressive start for a band whose founders met at secondary school. Since starting the Lake District hailing quartet has built a strong local reputation for their live performances, shows which has seen the band regularly playing 100 minute live sets in pubs and clubs. Their sound is a dark but vibrant form of indie rock, its brooding tones musically and vocally reminiscent of Editors but fuelled by a refreshing energy which sets the band out from most. Produced by Bryan Wilson, the single leaves a very healthy appetite for the band in its wake and a hunger for their upcoming releases.

The opening sharp shard of guitar instantly brings Article Way into focus especially when the expressive baritone vocals of Phil Hampson join the welcoming embrace. Shadows are soon infiltrating the crystalline breath of the song through the heavy bass and rhythmic caging of the drums but equally as it expands the track unveils an acidic melodic elegance and tempting which fires up the emotions. The body of the song is cavernous, offering a deep expanse of emotive resonance around the thumping heart of its declaration and almost exhausting climactic atmosphere. It is an enthralling provocation of the imagination and an immensely pleasing lure into the band for thoughts and passions.

Though only one song, Article Way suggests that Haarts is an emerging presence with extremely potent horizons ahead of them, roll on the next single…



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