Ed Zealous -Thanks A Million

ed zealous

Having recently announced that their highly anticipated debut album Wired is to be released February 2014, Northern Ireland electro rock band continue to ignite a hunger for its release with new single Thanks A Million. Already the compelling forms of previous releases Diamonds for Eyes and Medicines have made the most irresistible invitations and their third temptation is no different. The song is a mesmeric and feisty blaze of electro cast guitar sculpted pop, another shining aural beacon laying enthralling bait for the band and their impending full-length.

Consisting of Steve McAvoy, Andrew Wilson, Pete Lloyd, and Paul Irwin, the Belfast band has drawn an eager amount of recognition and acclaim with their singles so far which Thanks A Million can only increase. It emerges from a celestial cascade before big bruising bass tones and resonating coaxing exudes from the synths, the excellent vocals an equally absorbing and warm embrace to match the darker dancefloor bred essences. Complete with a chorus which infects the imagination as potently as the stirring rich body of sounds and textures around them, the track is a masterful enticement. There is something familiar to the song, something undefined but a presence which strokes thoughts like a recognisable friend whilst it immerses the listener in a vibrant and provocatively sizzling wash.

Thanks A Million does not quite reach the heights of its predecessors, especially Medicines, but easily provides a thrilling lure into Ed Zealous and the forthcoming Wired. This is a band with the promise of brightly burning horizons ahead and this single shows exactly why.

Next single Telepaths is out on Nov 18th and album Wired released February 3rd  2014



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