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A song which seduces the senses and intrigues thoughts whilst taking emotions on a mesmeric dance, Talk To You the new single from German electro pop band PET, is an enchanting invitation for the upcoming album from the Berlin sextet. Released via Neun Volt Records, the song is a magnetic persuasion which as the lead track from the forthcoming Imitation of Life, makes an investigation of the band’s new album a must.

Hailing from Berlin, PET have bred plenty of acclaim and attention with their singles such as No Yes No and the albums Player One Ready (2004) and Rewind The Sofa Lady (2006). Taking influences from the likes of Roxy Music, Blondie, XTC, and Buzzcocks into their mesmeric weaves, Pet with a new line-up consisting of guitarist/vocalist Andre Abshagen, keyboardist/vocalist from Monika Martin, drummer Dodo NKishi, bassist Stefania Vacca, percussionist Eric Voss, and newest member Julie Miess on bass and keys, has evolved its trademark electro-beats and sophisticated melodic venturing to new thrilling levels, certainly on the evidence of Talk To You.

The song opens with striking electro spirals of sonic temptation over excited beats. It is an instantly enthralling invitation which having 581168_759531444072274_29682852_nawoken attention settles into an embrace of melodic caresses around soothing vocals. There is an enchantment to the delivery which kisses the ear constantly whilst the bass litters the scenery with a delicious dark shadowed tone persistently skirted by the strikes of funk gaited guitar and the fascination of keys. Virulently infectious and evocatively entrancing the song is a sirenesque call upon the dancefloor and a contagious bait for the impending full-length release.

Supported by a remix of the song by Sao Paulo based DJ, Kina, a track which stretches out the emotive punchiness of the original without losing its snap and intensive catchiness, the single is an appealing and thoroughly enjoyable encounter. Wholly hypnotic with a seeming simplicity which belies the craft and intently sculpted textures of the sounds, Talk To You is a irresistible temptation, one quite impossible to ignore the invitation from.

Imitation of Life is due for release 28th November


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