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It must be at least two to three weeks since we last wrote about Jingo on The RR so that must mean we are overdue a single. Actually we are a little late with Jaclyn having been released at the beginning of the month, but better late than never and certainly when the song is as stunningly impressive as the band’s sixth unveiling.

The London based quartet of Jack Buckett (vocals/guitar), his U.S. born wife Katie (lead vocals/keys/guitar), Sahil Batra (keys/bass/guitar/vocals), and Joseph Reeves (drums), opened up their singles account with three tracks in the compelling shapes of IQ84, Same Without You, The Matador. Each was an eclectic mix of sounds and adventure which maybe only hinted as great as they were, at the potent things to emerge with their successors, Black Flowers and Wake Up, two songs which brewed up the darker heavier shadows of the band’s imagination and songwriting into a sultry blaze of intensive rock fuelled by scorching melodic flames. It has been an enthralling evolution which continues to engrain Jingo deeper into the passions, with Jaclyn is no exception.

Continuing the dramatic presence and grandeur of its predecessors, the new single again merges psychedelically flavoured heavy rock with virulently contagious passion, a brew which incitingly washes over senses and thoughts through music and vocals alike. Inspired by and dedicated to a Jaclyn Ann Perrelli, the song initially tempts ears and air with a guitar teasing alongside the powerful and mesmeric voice of Katie, her first touch gentle yet instantly magnetic.  With drama rising, a squalled name cry of the song’s inspiration sears the atmosphere before the track unveils its rigorous yet restrained stomp, a considered charge coated in vaudeville like charm within the emotively impacting weight of the musical narrative. It raises the hairs on the back of the neck, refusing to leave them be across the whole of its riveting expanse. Melodramatic keys equally lay down the strongest temptation but it is the stunning vocal potency and depths of Katie aided by equally impressive vocals from the band which steal and steer the passions into a feverish embrace. If there is a finer natural vocalist in British rock right now it is hard to bring them to mind right now.

Everything about the track is immense and majestic, as well as dynamically provocative with Jingo just getting better and better with each uncaging of their all-round talent through irresistible pyres of burning sounds and emotional flames. With references to the likes of Jess & the Ancient Ones, The Magic Numbers and now Saint Agnes and Helldorado creeping into view to give an idea of the original blazes being created, Jingo just might be the most important new entrant to the world of British music, certainly for our convinced hearts.



RingMaster 18/10/2013

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