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Following on from their enjoyably riotous acclaimed debut album You Ruin Everything, noise rock band Pigs unleash the Gaffe EP to satisfy and ignite the senses as the band work on their second album. The three track release is a bruising exhilarating encounter which flows like a seamless offshoot of its predecessor whilst showing an evolving sound which suggests the NYC trio’s upcoming sophomore rage could be one incendiary blaze.

Consisting of Unsane’s Dave Curran, Jim Paradise from Player’s Club, Freshkills and Hellno, and renowned producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul), Pigs confront the senses and imagination with another fury of noise spawned rock causing mayhem in a sludge bred climate of intensity and sonic weight. As mentioned it is a fluid continuation to what was so successfully magnetic upon You Ruin Everything but also offers arguably a more assured presence which sees the band settled in their aural premise whilst stretching and challenging its limits. It is not a dramatic move but one which certainly on two of the tracks, even if one is a cover, which lightens the load if not the force of the impact of songs upon the nervous system.

Released via Solar Flare Records, Gaffe opens with its title track and immediately enslaves the senses and appetite with a growling bass SLF011 - hi-res coverprowl unleashed by Schneider. Hungry and intent on the ear’s submission it is helped and egged on by the sinew thrusting beats of Paradise, the union an irresistible temptation which is soon brought to greater potency by the scorching flames of guitar invention, the scorched sounds an acidic treat conjured by Curran whose vocals equally add heat and raw passion to the encounter. A pulsating slab of dirt encrusted rock ‘n’ roll with addiction laced hooks and vociferous sonic grooves, the song is an irresistible scourge of ridiculously contagious discord soaked noise and melodically twisted persuasion.

It is a mighty opening easily equalled by Elo Kiddies, a sensational cover of the classic Cheap Trick song. To say the band has beefed up the song is an understatement; the still virulently infectious track coming with balls of steel and walls which leer intimidatingly down on the ear as the band kicks sand in the face of the senses stomping with aggression and attitude. The bass of Schneider again is an instant enslavement of the passions, its carnivorous snarling and ravaging of the air a masterful temptation alongside the main barbed lures of the song, that familiar groove and catchy chorus. Like Cheap Trick meets Alice Cooper meets KEN mode, but distinctly Pigs in presentation, it is easily one of the best covers in recent times and another dramatic reason to get the EP.

The final song If I’m In Luck is no slouch in recruiting the passions either, the seven minute track an intensive sludge fuelled slice of primal breath and sonic exploration twisted into an intrusively enthralling swamp of energy sapping, imagination invigorating, smothering heat which drags the emotions through its heavily pressurising climate of punishing beats and gravelly bass rapaciousness veined by searing guitar fire and sonic voraciousness. With the vocals of Curran a caustic wash soaking the riveting pull of the track, the closer is a slow burning high impacting furnace of excellence and corrosive craft.

After allowing the Gaffe EP to confront the senses, the new album from Pigs cannot come fast enough. With the band currently undertaking a European tour with the equally excellent Sofy Major, they are building up to give noise a major fire to contemplate and greedily devour..



RingMaster 16/10/2013


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