Pigs – Gaffe


Following on from their enjoyably riotous acclaimed debut album You Ruin Everything, noise rock band Pigs unleash the Gaffe EP to satisfy and ignite the senses as the band work on their second album. The three track release is a bruising exhilarating encounter which flows like a seamless offshoot of its predecessor whilst showing an evolving sound which suggests the NYC trio’s upcoming sophomore rage could be one incendiary blaze.

Consisting of Unsane’s Dave Curran, Jim Paradise from Player’s Club, Freshkills and Hellno, and renowned producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul), Pigs confront the senses and imagination with another fury of noise spawned rock causing mayhem in a sludge bred climate of intensity and sonic weight. As mentioned it is a fluid continuation to what was so successfully magnetic upon You Ruin Everything but also offers arguably a more assured presence which sees the band settled in their aural premise whilst stretching and challenging its limits. It is not a dramatic move but one which certainly on two of the tracks, even if one is a cover, which lightens the load if not the force of the impact of songs upon the nervous system.

Released via Solar Flare Records, Gaffe opens with its title track and immediately enslaves the senses and appetite with a growling bass SLF011 - hi-res coverprowl unleashed by Schneider. Hungry and intent on the ear’s submission it is helped and egged on by the sinew thrusting beats of Paradise, the union an irresistible temptation which is soon brought to greater potency by the scorching flames of guitar invention, the scorched sounds an acidic treat conjured by Curran whose vocals equally add heat and raw passion to the encounter. A pulsating slab of dirt encrusted rock ‘n’ roll with addiction laced hooks and vociferous sonic grooves, the song is an irresistible scourge of ridiculously contagious discord soaked noise and melodically twisted persuasion.

It is a mighty opening easily equalled by Elo Kiddies, a sensational cover of the classic Cheap Trick song. To say the band has beefed up the song is an understatement; the still virulently infectious track coming with balls of steel and walls which leer intimidatingly down on the ear as the band kicks sand in the face of the senses stomping with aggression and attitude. The bass of Schneider again is an instant enslavement of the passions, its carnivorous snarling and ravaging of the air a masterful temptation alongside the main barbed lures of the song, that familiar groove and catchy chorus. Like Cheap Trick meets Alice Cooper meets KEN mode, but distinctly Pigs in presentation, it is easily one of the best covers in recent times and another dramatic reason to get the EP.

The final song If I’m In Luck is no slouch in recruiting the passions either, the seven minute track an intensive sludge fuelled slice of primal breath and sonic exploration twisted into an intrusively enthralling swamp of energy sapping, imagination invigorating, smothering heat which drags the emotions through its heavily pressurising climate of punishing beats and gravelly bass rapaciousness veined by searing guitar fire and sonic voraciousness. With the vocals of Curran a caustic wash soaking the riveting pull of the track, the closer is a slow burning high impacting furnace of excellence and corrosive craft.

After allowing the Gaffe EP to confront the senses, the new album from Pigs cannot come fast enough. With the band currently undertaking a European tour with the equally excellent Sofy Major, they are building up to give noise a major fire to contemplate and greedily devour..



RingMaster 16/10/2013


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Exhumer – Degraded by Sepsis

Exhumer band photo 01

Five years after the release of their acclaimed debut album Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion, Italian metallers Exhumer unleash its eagerly anticipated successor in the grievous furious shape of Degraded by Sepsis. A torrent of voracious energy and spiteful craft, the album is a swift and thrilling pestilence of brutal death metal which chews up ears and senses whilst rewarding their blood stained carcasses with a thoroughly pleasing scourge of invention and technical violence. It is not a release without flaws or arguably has one issue certainly, but nevertheless stands as a confrontation which returns the band to the frontline of extreme metal.

Formed in 2004 by guitarist Marco “Furiogrind” Aromatario, the band made its first impression in the local underground scene with the Sick & Deviance demo of the same year. Line-up changes followed as did their continually driven attack on the live arena. The release of Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion in 2008 brought Exhumer into a worldwide awareness, the album lodged firmly in many end of year best death metal lists whilst the band itself under took their debut European tour not long after as well as appearing at numerous festivals across the likes of Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria. With the band continuing to ignite stages since and with vocalist Diego Fanelli, bassist Alyosha Danisi, and drummer Paolo D’Amato alongside Aromatario, the band turns predator of the senses once again with the Comatose Music released Degraded by Sepsis.

Admire Your Ending graces the entrance of the album with a sinister instrumental soaked in bedlam and mental provocation, its Exhumer - Degraded by Sepsis 5x5 300dpidemonic breath a hint of things to come without revealing the extent of the violation impending which soon bears its claws with Vapours of Cadaveric Mucilage. Savage and carnivorous, the track is a torrid speeding scourge of ruinous rhythmic aggression and grinding voracious riffing driven on by the excellent guttural vocals. With the rabidity which soaks every moment of the album, the song alone leaves senses and thoughts exhausted whilst the appetite for the assault comes with strong hunger.

As the following Pungent Aroma of Uterine Necrosis and Effervescence of Corroded Coarse Remains carnally expose the senses and emotions with their exhaustive sonic brutality, the previously mentioned problem with the album shows itself a nagging annoyance. It may just be down to the fact that the promo for the album was a digital one, a format that can come polluted, but the production on the release does it no justice at all, its touch shallow and smothering creating frustrating smog across the music. The fact that the tracks can still impose their explosive qualities through the stifling conditions is an indication of their strengths and potency but as said it might just be the version Degraded by Sepsis came in that is the cause and once eager hands are on the CD the full majesty of the album can be explored. Nevertheless both tracks are still epidemically contagious, grooves and hooks insatiable and irresistible within the sprawling tempests whilst riffs and vocals simply enslave as equally as the twisting invention.

The likes of the intensive Foaming Secretions, the track a slaughter of the synapses which once it has caused full devastation and lustful greed takes its unbridled attack into a crawling stalking of the ears, the maniacal Enzimas Podridas, and the deliciously cruel sonic taunting spawned by Adipocere Corporal Glue continue the impressive ravaging. They all come with the same sadistic charm and ferocious turn of invention as well as a mutual senses grinding malignancy but each holds a threatening individualism which the band furthers across Degraded by Sepsis with the two instrumentals Misery, which lies within that trio of furies and Scent of Decomposition which follows them. The two tracks provide a rich evocative respite from the sonic scarring, though the haunting intimidation of the pieces still challenges nerves as the imagination explores the corners and depths of their musical narrative before being thrust once more into the fire.

The title track and the closing Putrescine provide that final furnace of intensity and annihilating consumption bringing the excellent confrontation to a blood boiling close. The first of the pair weaves a provocative melodic web around furious sonic terrorism to exploit further the striding imagination whilst its successor is a vicious brawl leaving senses and strength labouring before its primal malevolence.

Exhumer has uncaged a beast in Degraded by Sepsis that is thoroughly enjoyable and openly impressive, but with that question mark against the production misses grabbing the fullest acclaim, though inventively and musically it is masterful. A should investigate release for those with an appetite for the likes of Suffocation, Devourment, and Cryptopsy



RingMaster 16/10/2013

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Insurrection – Prototype

Insurrection - High Press Photo

Though not exactly an album breaking in new ground, Prototype the new album from Canadian metallers Insurrection, is a rather decent slab of creative death metal which certainly in its company makes for a pleasing and adventurous experience.  Whether it offers and holds enough to capture the memory away from its brutal touch is yet to be proven, as after numerous exploits within its tempestuous walls tracks have still to emerge as lingering accomplices to thoughts and passions beyond its departure, but side by side stalking its ravenous scenery and intent Prototype makes a quite satisfying persuasion.

Formed in 2003 by vocalist Stef Jomphe and guitarist Martin Samson, Insurrection built a strong reputation initially in the local underground scene evolving to be a strong force in Canadian metal in general. Their technically carved rapacious metal has earned the band a potent fan base which 2009 debut album Prologue and its successor Fracture the following year pushed further afield outside their homeland. Now with the Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) produced Prototype and its death metal predation, you can only feel that the band will be widening their presence further even if the album seems a little bit like a lost opportunity, the release failing to really go for the jugular as its body potentially suggests.

Released via Quebec label Galy Records, the album introduces itself through the industrial crafted intro Overprocessed, an ok lure which Album Cover - Insurrection - Prototypesets the scene before the gripping Abattoir launches its malevolence. Grooved riffs and a carnivorous bass growl leap through the ears from the first full track whilst the rhythmic battering from drummer Philippe Moreau Latreille shows little respect for restraint or predictable enterprise. It is a captivating start which only grips tighter as the vocals of Jomphe scowl and graze the narrative with a strong presence and the guitars of Samson and Vincent Laprade Séguin cast an intriguing and exciting web of sonic mystery and enjoyment.

It is an appealing strike soon matched by The Chronophobes, a track which twists and turns with imagination to secure full attention with its inventiveness. As previously suggested, away from its temptation it is hard to bring a groove or hook back into focus but inside its storm with the bass of Francis Girard a moody bestial provocateur, the track is a formidable encounter just like its successor Checkmate, a fury of a track which blazes away with creative spite and scorching adventure to songwriting and its realisation. There is undeniably across song and album a compelling ingenuity to the structure and sound of tracks, a rhythmic bait and sonic temptation which is never prone to predictability or taking easy routes to achieve its intent, but again there is a lack of that killer element or potent enticement which lingers and infiltrates the imagination long term.

One of many great things about the album is the mix of English and French sung batterings upon the senses, the mix adding extra pleasing flavour and texture as shown through the likes of Sueurs Froides, where the bass of Girard reaches into its primal depths to forge a rabid predatory voice to its sound, and the virulently swarming Trois Minutes De Carnage, the track a magnetic pestilence with senses licking grooves and acidic enticement around thumping rhythmic incitement commanding the emotions and imagination.

The album seems to raise its heights from here on in, starting with Archetype. The track leads the passions into a ferocious sonic squalling which is perfectly honed and crafted to wrap the ears in a riveting entanglement of enterprise and aggressive causticity making its company irresistible. It is a thrilling lift to the album which is only one step as the title track next shows, the song similarly gaited and structured to thrust the listener on a raging yet calculated contagious scourge. The technical skill of the band once again grips attention whilst the bass voice and similarly grilling vocals brings the appetite an intensive hunger even if again the track misses creating something irreversibly addictive.

Completed by the rigorously engaging They Rise, a track which takes time to burn its venom into thoughts but emerges as a certain highlight of the album and the outstanding Bruits Sans Fin with its rampaging snarl and vindictive ingenuity, Protypte is an impressively accomplished and satisfying onslaught. It may have a lack of weaponry or the claws to retain its place in thoughts and passions away from its lures, something you can only feel as it plays with the senses were lurking in the shadows, but it is a release you can easily recommend as a doorway into the growing presence of Insurrection.



RingMaster 16/10/2013

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