Dirty Thrills – Growing Young EP

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The name of the band pretty much says all you need to know about the aural devilry which comes with Dirty Thrills and debut release, the Growing Young EP.  A four track slab of passionate, fiery rock ‘n’ roll, the release is an introduction which is impossible to ignore and equally as resilient to any resistance before its impressive sounds. Not an encounter to create new flames within fire bred and blues singed rock this is an EP which exploits the essences of classic flavours to simply create a raucous plaything for senses and passions to greedily devour and breed a real hunger for.

Dirty Thrills formed at the tail end of 20102 and were soon stirring up keen appetites around the city for their potent sounds with audiences. The London quartet of vocalist/guitarist Louis James, guitarist/vocalist Jack Fawdry, bassist Jamie Hopkins, and drummer/vocalist Stevo Corrigan now have their sights on the rest of the country with the Growing Young EP, a ripe and primed persuasion to ignite a wider hungry recognition.

As soon as the opening flames of Shivers course across the air you sense something flavoursome is about to unveil its riches and thoughDirty Thrills Cover Artwork it is a restrained fall into the track there is an immediate coaxing and pleasing of the ears with entwining strands of guitar enterprise and firm rhythms. They take their time to tease and tempt, soon assisted by the excellent vocals of James, and even once into its stride the song is still a laid back confrontation where all the instruments parade their individual persuasions in a contagious union. Like the EP as a whole, the track makes an instant allurement but also smoulders, getting stronger with subsequent strolls through its melodic magnetism and rhythmic beckoning.

The blues soaked temptress makes an impressive start which the following title track takes up another level. With a southern whisper to its spiralling sonic and melodic seduction the song brings ears and thoughts into its welcoming arms with ease, the bass of Hopkins adding the right depth of shadow and emotive suggestion to back up the again great vocals of James backed by Fawdry. Familiarity as with all the songs is open on the track though you can feel numerous inspirations rather than just a singular seed which allows the proposition to take on its own character ultimately, and with a more evocative and gentler stomp to its gait the track becomes a simmering cauldron of imaginative and expressive fire which certainly lingers.

Drunk Words is a sultry ballad of a song, vocals taking the ear by the emotional scruff of the neck to open up the narrative whilst the band light the fuse to a sizzling atmosphere of blues seeping caresses which the guitar of Fawdry veins and twists around with acidic excellence as the bass walks with a moody dramatic enticement. The weakest of the three songs, due to their striking qualities, but arguably the most inventive, the song takes time to enslave the senses and thoughts but eventually emerges as a lingering and deeply welcome presence time and time again.

The closing You’re in Trouble Now returns to stomping the dust clad liquor soaked blues hall dancefloor, its deliberate rein on explosive tendencies drawing in the appetite deeper whilst its slowly burning textures gather to expel a furnace hot flame of sonic invention through the solo and fiery vocals which in turn spark and brew up a rapacious wash which fires up the senses further. Again just missing on the heights of the first pair of songs but leaving a memory holding taste in its wake, the track makes a very pleasing conclusion to an impressively creative and impacting release.

With hopes and expectations that Dirty Thrills develop an even more distinct voice to explore their and our depths, the Growing Young EP gives the band a powerful opening base with promise and anticipation of major things ahead.



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