Deathline – Every Dying Breath

photo Beki Cowey

photo Beki Cowey

    Taken from second album Nova which came out last year, London/Helsinki electronic rock duo Deathline release new single Every Dying Breath to once again stir up and bring a compelling caustic breath to air and senses. A blend of industrial rhythmic provocation, swarming dirty electronics, and post punk starkness veined with tender melodic tempting, the singles is a magnetic confrontation which without igniting burning fires in the passions stokes them up into a healthy hunger for the band’s invention and imagination.

Consisting of Jennie Werlemar (vocals/bass) and Kaoru Sato (guitar/programming), Deathline bring a reworked version of Every Dying 17628_10152039361214056_1908301005_nBreath coating it in a hazier almost suffocating atmosphere and acidic ambience. It is a creature which permeates every pour and thought whilst engaging them on a corrosive dance of enterprise and enchanting mystery. The opening call of the song is a close relation to Blondie’s Atomic, a whisper which never truly evaporates as the track wraps its causticity and temptation around the ear. The vocals of Werlemar are dark and sinisterly seductive complimenting the shadows of the track whilst the keys and guitar temper each other’s strengths to sculpt a union which pulls appetite and imagination deep and eagerly into the song’s textured depths. With elements of Artery and Jesus and Mary Chain also making their essences open within the psychedelia licked sonic soup, the song is a vibrant and enthralling lure which earns and offers stronger rewards with each journey within its stifling beauty.

Two remixes of the track follow to differing effects. The first is from Danish electronica duo holm/mirland and clears away the sonic smog of the original but loses the depth and crowding entrapment which works so well. It is a decent enough take but stripped down even with a more electronic punctuation, the track is merely a passing smile between the broad dark grin of the lead track and the riveting lip spread of the following Shaken Not Remixed version from The Dead Zoo. Again this track receives a clean-up but in its place a stringed embrace and orchestral wash fills the dramatic gaps left empty by its predecessor. With a Bond like breath and smouldering melodic heat the track is an immersive and absorbing flight which even makes a valid suasion on our less than eager thoughts on remixes.

The release closes with a demo version of The Death Line, the track a beguiling conspirator with shadows for an emotive, filth littered sonic waltz which leads the imagination into a fall within a noir narrative and aural isolation. It is a pleasing end to an equally satisfying and eventful release. Every Dying Breath is an attention grabbing riveting tempter for both Deathline and Nova for all new recruits and confirmation of the band’s qualities for existing fans.


RingMaster 07/10/2013


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