The Killer Inside Me – Rozdeniya Sverhnovoi EP

The Killer Inside Me

Having recently signed with GlobMetal Promotions, Russian progressive/djent band The Killer Inside Me have released their new EP Rozdeniya Sverhnovoi, a five track tempest which suggests this will not be the last time we hear of the band as they stretch their potency beyond the borders of their homeland. The release is an impressive and stirring encounter; one which at times is almost stifling such the enterprise thrust into songs but a provocation you can only breed a strong appetite for.

Created in August of last year by vocalist Daniel Tarasov and guitarist Andrey Koptelov, The Killer Inside Me soon had local fans eagerly responding to their creative blend. With bassist Mikhael Mishin and drummer Nikita Sokolyanskiy alongside the founding pair, the Orel hailing band make their strongest statement with Rozdeniya Sverhnovoi (The Birth Of A Supernova), a vibrant air manipulating attack of rivetingly crafted metallic fury and melodic weaves stretched over progressive invention.

Using the English translations of the Russian sung songs, the release opens with The Reference Point. An evocative piano welcome drawsCover in the imagination with potent colour and drama and is soon given greater depth by the great throaty bass sound and whispering vocals which join it. It is a haunting embrace that explodes into a ferocious squall of fiercely carving riffs and rhythmic framing with equally fiery coarse vocals. Never losing its deeply hued ambience and poetic beauty throughout the intensity, the track makes an inviting lead into the following rage of Shadows. The new song takes a second to unleash its full turmoil vocally and through scything djent bred riffs and perpetually twisting and rolling rhythms. Immediately incendiary to air and emotions the song has a carnivorous appetite and attack, but it is one which is unafraid to embrace the progressive endeavour of the band to temper at times the savagery and allow a breath to be taken before the next avalanche of impressive rhythmic artillery and primal antagonism. Continuing the strong and enthralling start whilst promoting the stretch of imagination within the band’s songwriting, the track is a captivating full introduction soon matched by its successor.

     Phase Of The Eclipse has an almost folky mystique to its initial vocal and melodic story which settles seamlessly within the intensive maelstrom of corrosive and merciless creative ravaging. Unpredictable and thoroughly absorbing as well as an unbridled predation which leaves synapses singed and senses battered, the confrontation is almost too much to take in at once, though that is when the replay button  comes into its own, numerous flights through its storm revealing more depths and impressive twists and corners to the song.

Next up Andromeda opens with an impacting evocative union of elegant guitar temptation soon accompanied by the again enthralling bass sound and incitement. Left time to paint its picture the song eventually douses it in a torrent of abusive yet skilful and mesmeric metallic intrigue and danger whilst still allowing glimpses of the initial beauty to entwine its lure around the intensive persuasion. Featuring Eugene Verezhnikov from Kids Party Up, the track is another needing time to fully explore all its textures and enchantments but from an instant coaxing of the passions evolves into the best and most dramatically expert song on the release.

Completed by the title track, a song with a similar presence to its predecessor in structure but as all is distinct in sound and voice, Rozdeniya Sverhnovoi is a completely absorbing release. There are moments where it is so intensive that tracks lose their grip on the passions slightly though that extra time and focus re-attaches their hold ultimately. The Killer Inside Me is a band seeping promise and invention upon the EP and one destined to a very wide held strong reputation you suspect if they build on this excellent debut.


RingMaster 03/10/2013

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