Human Improvement Process – Deafening Dissonant Millennium


A musical carnivore with no respect and mercy for the senses, Deafening Dissonant Millennium the debut album from Italian death metallers Human Improvement Process, easily reveals why the brewing hype surrounding its creators. The eleven track predator is a striking and unrelenting assault of technical death metal with the fury of hardcore and a wash of melodic metal to its antagonism. It is at times a breath-taking confrontation and always a riveting expanse of sonic intrusiveness which debatably is not re-inventing anything but certainly merging existing imaginative armoury into a fresh and potent corruption.

Hailing from Modena, the quintet formed in 2010 soon creating a string following locally. Their first EP S.T.A.R.S. of 2011 was well-received in the Italian underground scene and made a good impression in a year where the band toured Ukraine and Russia with Italian band Dufresne. From there Human Improvement Process recorded the second EP In Cristalline Worlds Beyond which was supported by a couple of videos that drew more than 70’000 views on YouTube. Signing with Memorial Records earlier this year, the band now set loose their beast of an album, a brutal pleasure you can only imagine taking the band to a much wider recognition.

Deafening Dissonant Millennium opens with the atmospheric haunting of Jenova, the brief instrumental introduction a cavernous lurea2521107223_2 with a yawning ambience. Its sinister call intensifies as it evolves into the hellacious title track, a lethal storm of crippling rhythms and predacious riffs twisted into greater malevolence by the technically sculpted guitar invention of Fabio Carretti and Francesco Pini within the disorienting drum assault of Alessandro Lugari. The harsh unbridled passion and scowling venom of the vocals prey on the wounds caused by the sound, Stefano Sebastio an unrelenting scourge of varied spite spearing the continuing to move and evolve sounds. It is an explosive start which slightly loses its potency nearing its climax of melodic seduction but only because of the immense suasion it brought itself in with.

The following Erase increases the threat and strength of the album right away, the ravenous guitar riffs and enterprise finding greater maliciousness whilst the bass of Marcello Tavernari provides a primal provocation which leaves you cowering and wanting more. The hardcore aspect of the band’s invention rages from the chorus and through the accompanying vocal scowling but surrounding it the death metal pestilence is concussive and riveting in creativity, skill, and contagion. Making an early play for best track on the album it is soon challenged by Empty Eyes and even more so by Our Last Pieces Of Sanity. The first of the pair parades an industrial causticness within the brewing extreme breath and intent of the track. It is an intriguing lure which deepens with the equally fascinating vocal suggestiveness, a hint of something unpredictable though ultimately for the main, the song sticks to its ferocity in that department until the excellent clean harmony drenched flames provided by Tavernari. An imposing treat its successor sears an even mightier intensive and compelling storm upon the senses with no remorse and unrestrained voracity, the guitars chipping away and then gnawing upon ears and imagination before soothing wounds with some excellent sonic colour and skill.

As mentioned there is enough familiarity and similarity to elements of tracks to not feel like the tempest is an unknown malefaction but as the likes of Artificial Savior and Architecture Of a Dying Sun, split by the absorbing melody bred guitar painted instrumental Materioscura, unfurl their toxicity and invention it is a undoubted refreshing fascination that is devouring body and soul.

The final trio of tracks deliver their own unique inciting fires, The Process beginning the closing fearsome and ruinous avalanche of hostility though it also teases the wounds with an evocative melodic metal enticement surrounding an excellent clean vocal wash and classic rock sinew built charm from within the tempestuous ferocity. It is an impressively designed journey which is equalled by the ravaging might of Ethereal, the track a severe challenging coating of sonic acidity over the ever furious and exciting rhythmic violence.

The Deepest Oblivion brings the defilement to a close with one last treacherous expanse of lethal passion and invention. Experimental and superbly sculpted Deafening Dissonant Millennium continually feeds to the full the hunger it triggers from its opening presence if not to the same max the appetite for complete uniqueness. Nevertheless Human Improvement Process has placed themselves to the front row of adventurous extreme metal as well as one suspects, into a wider world recognition.


RingMaster 02/10/2013

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