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    This Early Autumn is an alternative rock band hailing from Columbia which is beginning to create a feisty wash of acclaim around itself. Driven by lead vocalist/producer Juan Valderama, the Bogotá band are set to release their new single Mood, a track which as our introduction to the band takes a firm and engaging grip on thoughts. It is too early on the evidence of one song to say that the band is or is not a potent force in the brewing stage but certainly it is an intriguing proposition with plenty of open promise.

From what we are led to believe This Early Autumn emerged from a graduation project which spawned two songs Hollow and Mood. The new single is the follow-up to debut release Nothing Compares which drew strong eager responses in Columbia and the UK as well as good MTV coverage. The trio of songs also made up the Primary Pursuit EP but it was the single which grabbed the attention outside of their homeland and which Mood you suspect will increase or at least cement. In 2011 Valderama moved over to London and has been making numerous live appearances around the city since, again to great responses which the single should find an enthusiastic home from.

As soon as Mood caresses the ear you are soaked in thoughts of Placebo, Radiohead, Japanese band Tokyo City Chaos, and fellow Columbian band Hidden Desires. This is not to say the song is unremarkable but the essences are strong within the fresh breath of the single. The vocals of Valderama take a little while to soak in but by the chorus spark nicely in the ear whilst the melodic grace and infectiousness of the keys and guitar only provide a compelling persuasion which like the vocals takes time to seduce but ultimately do with good strength. Of those references This Early Autumn remind most closely of the Japanese trio though the single has a lighter energetic poise in comparison but is less intensively evocative and passionate.

The song is a gentle flame of richly hued melodies and lyrical suasion which add to the colour of the temptation which is undoubtedly at large but against that there is a dimmed spark to prevent it being a lingering kiss upon the ear and memory. It is a pleasing and appetising encounter though and one ensured to make This Early Autumn a band to have strong hopes for.


RingMaster 30/09/2013

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