Terrorway – Blackwaters


Bakerteam Records has really gone for the jugular this month with not only the impressive carnivorous release of the new Sawthis album but also the equally predacious and scintillating Terrorway debut full-length, Blackwaters. An antagonistic assault of extreme metal with thrash and groove temptation, the album is a riveting furnace of invention and imagination. It chews and gnaws on the senses often shielding some of its undoubted ingenuity but when in the clear or given close attention that enterprise leaves the passions aflame and breathless.

Hailing from Cagliari, Terrorway formed in 2009 and immediately drew keen attention and critically acclaim with the Absolute EP the following year. Taking inspiration from the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, and Pantera into their metal ‘experiment’, the band explore and stretch their intent and imagination with masterful success upon Blackwaters. The band equally earned a potent reputation for their live shows which has seen them alongside the likes of Mnemic and Paul Di Anno. Their track Her Last Breath was placed in the Kill City vol.17 compilation release and led to strong interest from numerous labels before the band signed with Bakerteam Records soon after. Recorded at Corpse Factory Studio in Cagliari across December of last year and this January, the Jacob Olsen (Hatesphere, Moonspell, Corpus Mortale, Born From Pain) mixed and mastered Blackwaters is the full blooded entrance into the wider metal world, one which you immediately feel will thrust the band into major recognition.

The album opens on a scenic peace to stand against the song title, Wretched. Whispers and movement grace the landscape with Terrorwaysuddenly quickening pace before riffs scythe through the air with repetitive sinew driven animosity and rhythms share their thunderous iron bred swipes. It is an immediate storm between the ears ridden by the caustic squalls of Valentino “Sidh” Casarotti. Twisting around and crushing the senses simultaneously it is a startling piece of ferocity if in hindsight only a taste of things to come. The guitar of Ivan Fois offers a carnivorous spread of riffing and sonic narrative which is prowled just as intimidatingly by the throaty bass stalking of Giovanni Serra. It is an imposing and gripping entrance to the album which is taken further by the following title track. More merciful in its initial cupping of the ear, the grooves and rhythms soon cage and terrorise whilst seducing with animalistic intensity. Again the vocals provide a scolding menace to help create a fearsome atmosphere punctuated by the threatening strikes of drummer Cosma Secchi. Sprawling through musical and lyrical depths soaked in shadows with Casarotti the demonic conjuror, the song suddenly submerges into an evocative melodic adventure, Fois carving an escape for the senses to bask in and feed upon before the sounds again shred their skin for a primal and savage investigation.

    In a Swamp and Keep Walking Silent continue the stretching of the passions and album going, the first a progressive serpentine toned hunt, vocals slowly entwining their animosity and venom over emotions whilst the bass of Serra stokes the ashes of terror alongside the tirade of raptorial riffing and invention. Its middle dip into another melodic breath is not as successful as on its predecessor but as one rigorous attack the song is another immense hook in the rise of the album. Its successor swarms over the senses with its waspishly tinted riffs, rhythms stabbing home their animosity with every swing of a stick and concussive percussive brawl. There is a Lamb Of God essence to the track, though taken to darker deeper depths of confrontation, whilst the melodic temper certainly at its conclusion is In Flames like and quite magnetic.

Through The Inescapable Plot, the track a devouring predation which is relentless when submerged in its intensive attack, and the suspense crafted annihilation that is Chained, the band continues to push their imagination and limits. Both of the songs are equally unafraid to delve into melodic and resourceful twists which explore their own inner narratives and the eager thoughts of the listener whilst the following Renewal pounces on the debris they leave to create an explosively enthralling expanse of psyche testing, pulse racing ingenuity. Easily the best track on the album, the slice of corrosive ruin and thrilling imagination shows how much more there is still for the band to discover within themselves.

A Cursed Race is just as potent in its exploration and unpredictable craft, the song a close runner for top honours on the album whilst the closing Ruins provides a vitriolic fascination with a pervading if at times somewhat overwhelmed ambience against the stolid rhythmic caging and tension twisting riffery. It is a staggering conclusion to the release, Blackwaters saving its most ruinous and creative blazes for the major finale. Terrorway stand on the brink of the fullest recognition with the album which from the immense closing stretch of Blackwaters you cannot help anticipating will only be cemented and elevated in the future.



RingMaster 30/09/2013

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