Kindred Shins – Yes To Rioting Notoriety EP

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Soaked in blues fumes and coated in angst crafted expression, Yes To Rioting Notoriety the new EP from London based rockers Kindred Shins is a smouldering persuasion which from an initial enjoyable introduction evolves into an intense lingering in the imagination and passions. Consisting of six tracks which riotously dance, tease, and seduce the EP is a magnet which even if its sound is not a personal appetiser the release still leaves the recognition of one accomplished, fiery, and ascending band.

Consisting of vocalist Sonny McFadyen, guitarist Dave James, bassist Dave Cooper, and drummer Leon Morgan, Kindred Shins has built a strong reputation for their live performances and blistering sounds. This has led to a strong anticipation for Yes To Rioting Notoriety which sees its release via A Girl Called Grace Records on September 30th. With the band heading over to the states for a short treating of New York to their intensively flavoursome sound, 2013 looks like the year the world will discover Kindred Shins.

The release is opened by Regain Your Poise Hysterical Woman, a track which initially makes a pleasing if underwhelming entrance thoughYTRN the vocals of McFadyen are immediately tempting. The decent enough lure of guitar is soon elevated by stoneresque flames which rile up the air though the switching back to that restrained stance never quite lets the track explode into the fireball it suggests is waiting in its heart. Nevertheless with the guitar invention and craft of James also impressive, the song easily ignites attention and intrigue for what is to follow.

That inquisitiveness is soon rewarded by Sweet And The Strange and even more so by the outstanding She Floats Just Like The Witch. The first is a simmering ready to boil slice of blues sultriness with a delicious throaty bass prowl skirting the fire bred sonic entrapment and seductive melodic glaze which seeps over every note. Impressively imaginative and superbly crafted with the vocals again riveting, the song coaxes out greater hunger which its successor instantly preys upon. The brilliant She Floats Just Like The Witch is a ripe peach of a song, be it one with a wonderfully villainous infectious core and a sonic sheen which caresses and scorches the ear and beyond simultaneously. Bass and guitar carve out an irresistible narrative which Morgan frames with rhythmic power and understanding, and with the scuzzy wash which fills the air only adding extra tempting toxicity to the immense encounter it is left to McFadyen to complete the scintillating blaze with more contagious vocal presentation.

Yes To Rioting Notoriety is on a real high now leaving firstly Red Eye Blues and then We Both Know But I Ain’t Saying Nothin’, a challenge which both take on with unique and absorbing attempts. The first is another slow swagger of blues caressing and melodic invention interrupted by scythes of sonic invention and brawling intensity. Its successor is similarly clad and is maybe too like its companion to ignite major sparks, though again the bass of Cooper and great vocal harmonies across the band entice and leave a rich satisfaction behind whilst the song does venture into new detours. Neither of the songs can rival the pinnacle of the EP though, which was expected such its might, but the pair continue the excellent persuasion and stature of the release with ease.

    The Smoker completes the stirring provocation, the track a romping raw waltz of jagged riffs, fire breathing guitar enterprise, and a rhythmic stroll which is crisp and commanding. As ever the vocals ride and permeate the song with appealing style whilst the melodic breath of the track is a flaring temptation of passion and beauty. The song completes an impressive incitement which just gets better and more effective the more and longer you immerse within its volcanic depths. The Yes To Rioting Notoriety EP is a standout release in what seems like a growing tide of releases from young emerging blues rock bands. Right now Kindred Shins stands above them all with this record and somehow you do not expect that to change anytime soon.


RingMaster 27/09/2013

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