Morass Of Molasses – Rotten Teeth

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     The recent news of the demise of UK band Karn8 was a sad day for British rock music but as often is the case, the ending of a superb band is the spring board for equally as exciting and dramatically promising things. The trio of Bones, Kirst, and Leigh making up the band have already numerous projects in the works and on the charge, with arguably the most anticipated being Morass Of Molasses. The unleashing of their debut single Rotten Teeth turns that arguable factor into a definite, the track a muscular compelling declaration of a new force within heavy bruising carnivorous rock ‘n’ roll.

Formed by baritone guitarist/vocalist Bones alongside guitarist Phil and drummer Chris in March of this year, Reading based Morass Of Molasses conjure up a dirty swamp consuming oppression of voracious riffs, treacle thick fire bred melodies, and rhythms which chip Rotten_Teeth_covershards of bone away from the body with every lethal swipe. Their introduction Rotten Teeth takes no prisoners but simultaneously is a predator of insidious intent, one which toys and teases its prey with deceitful tenderness and melodic temptation. From its opening gentle wash of firm but restrained rhythms, smouldering coaxing blues guitar beckoning, and equally reserved vocals the track is a welcoming lure, but once within its snare it launches a sinew clad assault of acidic and tempestuous enterprise and intense energy at the senses. Ensuring that escape is the last thing possible the band returns to that irresistible embrace to cut off any thoughts of fleeing before again unleashing its full weight and addictive intensity.

There is also a compelling groove to the call of the song, one which is no stranger in maybe a less lethal form to Karn8 fans, that leaves submission to the tracks slavery a done deal and with the emerging stoner/sludge breath and commanding textures, the single provides all the evidence needed to become greedy and impatient to hear more from the band. It is probably fair to say that the band with Rotten Teeth is not breaking down the walls of heavy rock but as an appetiser and portent of things to come from Morass Of Molasses, it is a striking and riveting provocation. The single is an introduction all riff hungry heavy rock fans with a want of real weight and depth to their music need to take a dive into.

Rotten Teeth is released as a Name your price download @

Upcoming live dates for Morass Of Molasses include…

Wednesday 9th October – Boston Music Rooms, London

Friday 18th October – The Facebar, Reading

Saturday 19th October – Oxjam Takeover, Reading

Thursday 31st October – The Boileroom, Guildford

Sunday 3rd November – The Cellar Bar, Bracknell


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  1. Morass de Molasses is sickness and heavy sounds in my mind!
    I love this guys. Congratulations!

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