Desolated – Disorder Of Mind

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There is no compromising from or with Disorder Of Mind, the five track EP from UK hardcore band Desolated. It is a release which instinctively you go for or turn the other way from before it permanently fouls your psyche, but for those it does find a welcome the fiery release is one bruising satisfying challenge. Certainly the Southampton quartet has not broken down walls or riled up new pastures for the scene but it is a constant enjoyable provocateur which at times is quite compelling.

The EP is the fourth release from the abrasive foursome following on from last year’s album Verse of Judas. It continues the slow but open evolution of the more simplistic and predictable sound they started life with as shown on debut release The Birth of Corruption into something more diverse and adventurous. Undeniably ferocious and mercilessly vindictive, Disorder Of Mind  takes little persuading in unleashing its full weight and antagonism, the opening Year Of The Snake allowing a sonic mist to brew before stalking the ear with one of the most carnivorous bass sounds heard this year and equally rapacious riffs. Vocalist Paul Williams is soon adding his vitriolic abrasion to the now intensive almost labouring sludge empowered crawl which traps and suffocates the ear. It is a potent introduction if no danger to the supply of breath, which is most notable for that throaty rabid four stringed croon of Dan Ford.

Death By My Side is equally predacious and eager to consume the senses, rhythms from Mitch White splintering the ear whilst guitarist desolated-disorder-of-mind-album-coverRich Unsworth scars the air with a sonic blaze which is undefined but corrosively demanding. The vocals of Williams with great gang back up from the band rip through the caustic smog of the song to excite the most, the prime US seeded hardcore delivery a strong temptation within the destructive coaxing of the sounds. At times there is a groove sneaking around which is never truly unleashed but makes for an appetising hint if ultimately a chained up one.

The following Suffering is a heavier slab of savagery; a seeming metalcore bred fury with an opening gambit of vocals and intensity before it twists into another exciting hardcore contagion, again full of suggestions and taunts of an explosion to come but never quite finding the trigger to go the whole way into a seismic furnace of attack and sound. Despite that the intensive poaching of the senses is an appealing and richly promising confrontation, which epitomises the EP as a whole, a release which provokes and infers to bigger things but never really manages to go through with it even though it leaves a definite appetite for their hopefully future confirmation of these aural insinuations.

The acidic opening of Strung Up is immediately enthralling, its insidious touch the portent of another titanic weight of rhythmic crippling and senses scything riffery ridden by belligerently in-your-face vocals. Once more the song joins the queue of tracks which push to find something virulently infectious and dramatically imposing but fail to unlock that door, yet still holds a strong enticement over appetite and thoughts, if not quite as much the passions.

The closing Delusions like the opener does not impact as impressively and distinctly as the three tracks being bookended, but with that continuing to impress bass sound amongst riffs which never lose grip of satisfaction, the track still provides a sinew clad assault to find strong promise and expectations for the future within.

Desolated with Disorder Of Mind, show that they have the passion and armoury to become a major hardcore cored force in the UK and beyond but they just need to find that spark to make their incendiary promise a realised creative tornado which no one can refuse.


RingMaster 25/09/2013

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