Golden State – World On Fire


A roaring blaze of soaring melodies and anthemic temptation, World On Fire from US quartet Golden State is a song which leaves the senses invigorated and appetite awoken. Though not necessarily breaking in new ground, the single full of the essences of U2 and to a lesser degree Echo and the Bunnymen, it is an inescapable contagion which ignites ears and emotions with an energy and presence which is easy to be greedy over.

Hailing from California and consisting of the Rick Rubin produced Paloalto as well as Florida band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Golden State first gripped attention with the release of their debut album Division of last year. It was a vibrant release which marked the world’s card, soon etched in further by the new single’s predecessor the Subdivision EP. Released via State Champ Records, World On Fire continues the band’s passion for big bold rhythms and flaming melodic adventure all beneath a heated stadium rock like sky.

The song emerges from a sonic mist with guitars teasing the air with enterprising melodic caresses and instantly appealing vocal harmonies. With firm sinew clad rhythms and evocative bass croon spearing and roaming respectively the imaginative and riveting unpredictable guitar invention, the track takes little time to wrap an appealing call around the ears, a persuasion all the more potent from the excellent lead vocals of guitarist James Grundler which impress from start to finish, even with a rather Bono like lilt to the delivery. Easily accessible but rich in unpredictable musical narrative, World On Fire leads the passions on a three minute plus flight of euphoric melodic rock. Lyrically the song is undemanding but it only adds to the anthem clad potency and easy to join call of the song.

World On Fire is a song which enlists an appetite to check out the band and album further, and though for many the U2 comparison which is so apt here will be an antidote to any urge to hear more, it is only a flavour to a sound which is not ground breaking but has its own full and absorbing character. This is a great single and Golden State a band which has bright and exciting horizons ahead.


RingMaster 22/09.2013

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