Borderline:FIRE – This Trojan State

Borderline Fire

     Borderline:Fire is a young rock band which is beginning to stir up quite a bit of a buzz around themselves which they obviously hope their new EP This Trojan State will add fuel to the fire of. Consisting of six songs which merge alternative rock to a heavier breath and rock substance, the release is an engaging and often fiery temptation which arguably offers more promise for the band than actual realised contagion but from start to finish leaves an appetite and positive thought towards the Reading quintet and their emerging presence.

Formed in 2010 and consisting of vocalist Jamie Boshier, bassist/backing vocalist Jonny Slevin, guitarist Ben Forsey, drummer Chaz Mayhew, and James Marshall-Stack on synths, Borderline:FIRE has drawn strong attention with their melodically fired rock creativity, inspirations from the likes of Enter Shikari, Biffy Clyro, You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, 30 Seconds To Mars, Foo Fighters, and Muse amongst many adding essences to their invention. The single I Wanna Go made their first lingering mark on the UK rock scene but now with This Trojan State accompanied by the video for Chains, the first single from the release, the band is poised to make that first strike a mere opening tease to its greater persuasion.

The release immediately has the ear awoken through Mark Up and its initial electro beckoning, a call soon joined by strong riffs and aBWy3dIbvVrCSeHAGfNMFGQyGSgrhythms around the equally engaging vocals of Boshier. The song soon has some of those mentioned influences searching thoughts as the mix of feisty guitars and crisp beats are flanked by the reserved but open synth temptation from Marshall-Stack. There is arguably not a lot to push boundaries at play within the song but for adventure and ideas presented with accomplished and imaginative enterprise the track cannot be dismissed or ignored. It is a stirring and pleasingly rowdy start to the EP soon matched by Chains. Similar in many ways to its predecessor in structure and energy, the song is soon revelling in the melodic exploits of the songwriting with the keys holding a stronger impacting voice this time around. The shifts in gait are seamlessly achieved with passion from the atmosphere and vocals soaking every note and syllable to again show the strength of the band in all departments. Like the first it is an easily accessible and bordering anthemic encounter which puts a wide marker of promise upon the band.

Both Nicki and Trojan next explore the slower creative depths of the band, the first a richly hued melodic blaze with an alternating mix of gentle temptation and rigorous energy to its presentation and its successor a slower emotive endeavour with good use of effects and tantalising teases. Neither song match the heights of the previous pair though the first of these two has high enjoyable levels of enticement which the second comes close to matching with its evocative musical narrative and brief vocal harmonies.

Speak For Me also has a more reserved approach to the ear but with an intriguing synth weave at the start to spark the imagination and a healthy sinew clad body to its Biffy Clyro like presence, the song is another which holds firm attention and satisfaction if without sparking any little fires in the passions. That is left for the closing Brainwash, a fiery electro rock track which merges Enter Shikari pungency with the melodic synth crafted rock of a My Extraordinary. The best track on the release, the song has a snarl and darker shadow to its challenge which is missing elsewhere on the EP and certainly gives a strong and distinct edge to the band compared to earlier songs and other bands.

It is a potent end to a very appetising and promising release in This Trojan State which stakes a claim for Borderline:FIRE as a band to keep a close eye on. You sense there is something bigger, more unique, and possibly impacting within the band’s future; time will tell.


RingMaster 20/09/2013

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