BLEAK FALLS set loose new EP’The Grass Gets No Greener’, on 18th November‏

Bleak Falls Promo Shot


Southern riff monsters ‘Bleak Falls’ lay assault to the UK with their new EP ‘The Grass Gets No Greener’, out Monday 18th November through all digital stores.

Encouraged by the likes of Cancer Bats, Deftones and Nirvana, Bleak Falls can be placed within the bracket of Alternative Metal/Melodic Hardcore with their barbarous and aggressive sound. Yet their ability to cleverly maneuver melody and mood set them apart from bands more captured by the genre.

Born at the end of 2011, the Sussex melodic hardcore crew express a sound that pitches sincere emotion and broody atmosphere bonded with ferocious power and unbridled energy; their songs will undoubtedly sweep you along for a belter of a ride.

During the past eighteen months, the south-coast five-some have steadily made waves through the UK scene. Along the way, they’ve been highly praised by Front Magazine and have shared stages with Landscapes, The Long Haul, Isolated, Honour Is Dead, If Heroes Should Fail, and Set Your Sails. Bleak Falls also nationally released their debut EP ‘Another Rainy Day’, which acquired strong national press coverage from Big Cheese Magazine and Powerplay, as well as extensive underground support.

The quintet now press on with their brand new EP ‘The Grass Gets No Greener’. The record starts with the moody groove of ‘Forever/Always’ before shifting gears and delivering an assault of hammering beats and immersing vocals to spectacular effect. The stomping punky sway of ‘95’ is next up, and it duly bashes your eardrums, before ‘A Taste of Change’ switches lanes, displaying the quintet’s increasing diversity and growing maturity with a superb slab of heartrending alt-rock. ‘Deadlock’ picks up dealings again with a gut-wrenching piece of ball-busting low-tuned skuzzy metal, and as the closer ‘Put Me to Sleep’ comes over you, you are left in no doubt that the five-piece have the energy, tunes and rage to be one of the chosen bands to break from the shackles of the underground this year, just watch them take off…..

Bleak Falls Cover Artwork

TRACKLISTING: 1. Forever / Always; 2. ‘95; 3. A Taste Of Change; 4. Deadlock; 5. Put Me To Sleep.
BAND MEMBERS: Rudi Ridgewell (Vocals); Chris Shane (Guitar); Don Wainwright (Bass); Luke Marshall (Guitar); Ben Vaughan (Drums).
FOR FANS OF: Deftones, Cancer Bats, Terror.

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