Ron McElroy – Japanese Song

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Earlier this year London based singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron McElroy impressed with his debut single World At War, so much so that a definite anticipation for his first full-length album All Her Kisses which is to be released soon, was sparked. Now he releases the second single from the impending album in the intriguing form of the Japanese Song. It is a track which raises questions as well as confirming the promise previously triggered, but overall it still adds to the appetite for his debut album.

With the experience of working and playing with the likes of Juliette Lewis, Isabella Summers (Florence & the Machine), Sian Evans (DJ Fresh, Kosheen), Trouble Over Tokyo and Amber Bella Muse, the artist has come a long way from receiving a simple hand-me-down guitar given to him by a friend, and striving to master its charms and develop his own unique style with inspirations from the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and Miles Davis.

From the more eager anthemic rock intent of his first single, Japanese Song is an arguably less accessible and certainly more of a slowly persuasive piece of invention. The lone acoustic guitar declaration is an instantly lure whilst the soon joining oriental percussive suggestion adds a joint mystique and question in thoughts. The distinctive vocals of McElroy soon add another texture to the narrative and at this point senses and imagination are consumed with whether the combination works or not for them, and debatably the song does not quite engage as may be  it should at this point. As great vocal harmonies and the simple but evocative guitar tempting wrap their further suggestion around the ear you soon discover a smouldering persuasion working and soon providing a compelling answer to any questions being raised. The song by its end has left a nicely composed rock/folk ballad which does not light fires but still offers enough to tempt a check out of the forthcoming album.

Definitely a song which makes a stronger suasion with each listen though it does not feel like the natural temptation for newcomers to investigate the album ahead, Japanese Song is another wind of intrigue to the talent of McElroy and certainly well worth a listen or two.


RingMaster 15/09/2013

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