The Autopsy Boys – Crushing On Cynthia


Riotous with an antagonistic breath to its virulently contagious sound, Crushing On Cynthia from UK punks The Autopsy Boys, is one of those songs which comes along and seduces the passions whilst simultaneously chaining them up in a blood soaked wrap of sinister devilry. Combining old school punk with eighties electro pop, though the song is even more flavoursome than that descript suggests, the single leaves hunger and emotions alive and greedily hankering for much more from the West Yorkshire quintet.

The seeds of The Autopsy Boys were sown in 2006 when vocalist William Brunskjill and synth player Gary Hargreaves united to create and perform as a post punk outfit using drum machines, synthesizers and the occasional guitar. Theming their songs with inspirations from 80’s TV, horror movies, gaming and marijuana borne through offensive lyrical content, the pair’s sound was compared to the likes of Big Black though it subsequently evolved over time to a more truculent punk confrontation influenced by bands like The Dwarves, Germs, TSOL, and The Queers. 2011 saw the duo approached to open a local hardcore punk and heavy metal all day event BEEFSTOCK IV, to which they agreed and set to expanding their line-up for what was intended as a one off occasion. Bassist Jamie McKenzie (Freaks Union, Dead Pets, Dun 2 Def),guitarist Alan Laird (Steroid Freak Pussy, Me and My mates, The Hydropaths, Dead Pets), and drummer JP Robinson were drafted in to help out and the rise of The Autopsy Boys was off and running with the single the next riotous instalment.

Electro spots hit the ears first on the song, drawing them into a raw graze of scuzzy synth swiped with crisp rhythms whilst the vocals of Brunskjill glance off their surface to engage the listener with an attitude reaped quality. Musically seductive in its verse and caustically brawling in its chorus the song bristles and buffets the senses with a feel of The Adicts and Peter And The Test Tube Babies aligned to an OMD synth persuasion. There is also a slight whisper of post punk involved in the enterprise, a certain Joy Division chill pervading at times from the core of the outstanding song.

Simple in its attack but skilfully crafted in its effect and seizure of the passions, Crushing On Cynthia is a thrill of an introduction to the band and another example of how varied and potent UK punk rock is right now. Watch this space in regard to The Autopsy Boys is the recommendation as we have seen nothing yet one suspects.


RingMaster 13/09/2013

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