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To get the obvious out of the way with Cheating Perfection the debut EP from UK pop punks Pump Action Radio, there is nothing startlingly new about the four track release, its sounds bred from well-drawn wells from the likes of You Me At Six and Kids In Glass Houses. Against that though is an energy and creative passion from the band which simply turns each song into a memorable and excited blaze of melodic enterprise. Ultimately the EP is a richly satisfying romp which leaves only bold favourable reactions in their wake, and as for a unique breath the release simply says enjoy and we will sort that out later.

Formed in 2008 from the ashes of the band’s previous identity Our Time Heroes, the Bournemouth quartet of vocalist/guitarist Jim Dyke, lead guitarist/backing vocals Richie Blandford, bassist/backing vocals Chris Smith, and drummer Mat Jessop have built an eager following in the south of the country  whilst sharing stages with the likes of Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six, Spunge, 4ft Fingers, Reef, Gavin Butler (The Blackout), Natives, and Tiger Please. Cheating Perfection is the key to working on the rest of the nation and such its refreshing presence it is hard to see it failing to ignite a wealth of further passion for the band.

The thumping appetite of Famous starts things off, riffs greedy for the ear and hungry rhythms making an initial riot for the senses to Pump Action Radio Cover Artworkgrip onto before the song nestles into a reserved gait for the arrival of the strong vocals of Dyke. Into its full stride the song prowls and taunts with excellent bursts of intensively keen bursts of melodic fire and anthemic temptation punctuating the potent continually shifting charge of the track. There is also a great snarl to some of the guitar craft which adds to the fullness of the encounter and its persuasion. It might not be, like the EP, carving out new unseen adventures but it is certainly unleashing exciting ones.

The title track steps up next, resting a melodic enticement over the ear before opening up its sinews around the temptation, its intent driven by rolling provocative rhythms and again a well-crafted mix of riffs and sonic invention. With a chorus even more contagious than that unveiled by its predecessor, the song strides into the passions with a rigorous and fresh aural attitude and lyrical passion. Epidemically engaging and catchier than a viral contagion, the track shows plenty of thought and imagination leading to an almost fury like crescendo just before the final hook of chorus and anthem bred potency.

The Difference continues the excellent start even if it fails to emerge from the shadows of the first two triumphs. Again rife with sharp hooks and devilish rhythms, the song is a pleasing and effective companion with plenty to enjoy and little to dismiss. The same can be said of the final song Pow!! Right In The Kisser, another stomp of strikingly composed invention and instinctive energy. With a more than a whisper of Blink 182 to its underlying raucousness, the song makes for a thumping pleasure which sums up the whole release, energetically wholesome and melodically ablaze slice of creative virulence.

There is a hidden track on the EP, a dub infested version of the title track which is not worth talking about, but as four tracks of enjoyable high tempo power pop/pop punk, Cheating Perfection is a great introduction to a band in Pump Action Radio which has plenty of promise and time to hone their own aural distinction.



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