Lacey – Outlaws EP


Eager to confirm the buzz building around themselves, UK alternative rock band Lacey release their third EP Outlaws, an angst coursing collection of songs which push the already evolving sound and craft of the band up another notch or two. The four track release merges rock and pop for a heated encounter which is arguably light on originality but heavy and rich on passion and enterprise.

Hailing from Nottingham and formed in late 2010, the quartet of Graham Turner (lead vocals, bass), Josh Lewin (guitar & vocals) Pete Maksymiw (guitar) and Dave Pearson (drums, vocals) has earned a fine reputation for their sound and energy through their EPs of last year, What Use Is Wasting Time and Chapters, and live performances which has seen the band play with the likes of The Blackout, Patent Pending, and Erik Chandler (Bowling For Soup). Now the release of Outlaws is set to cement their emerging presence whilst you can only imagine, rustling up a great many more appetites for their enjoyable and potent creativity.

Opener Hometown immediately raises a heat of strong vocals and melodic tantalising from the guitars spiked by firm reserved rhythms. Outlaws_1Building up to a mini crescendo the song relaxes into a vibrant stride of prodding drums and descriptive riffs whilst the delivery of Turner adds an emotive glaze to the proposition.  It is an instantly engaging song which never relinquishes its hold right through to the end, and though the track does not ignite great fires in the passions mainly due to its familiarity to many others, there is an open accomplished style to the songwriting and presentation which coaxes out only satisfaction and impressed reactions. Keen and infectious the track makes a powerful and appealing start to the EP.

The following Contender takes the evocative breath of its predecessor into a ballad bred emotive croon, vocals impressive over equally an intriguing and thickly hued melodic narrative. As the guitars shaped the design of the heart spawned sounds around the similarly bred lyrical reflection, the song reaches into greater depths and textures with excellent string arrangements and portrayal to coax even stronger passion from the vocals and listener. It is a tremendous song, the best track on the release showing the wider adventure and skill of the band.

Both Burning Out and Let It Go step back into a more bouncy gait, the first with a swing to its offering which tempts feet to match its tempo whilst bass and drums cage it all in their own rhythmic persuasion. As with the previous tracks nothing is overdone, all aspects showing clarity yet restraint with subtle persuasions as effective as the more forceful elements of songs. Its finale is maybe a little predictable with the group harmonies/chants but it works well and makes for a fiery conclusion to another very decent song. The closing track is the most poppy of the four but no less dramatic with strong sinews to its riffs and emotional intensity. Thoroughly engaging and contagiously anthemic to thoughts, body, and emotions, it is another compelling track which emphasises why Lacey is gaging strong acclaim and enthusiastic support.

Outlaws may not shine on distinction compared to other bands, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and New Found Glory often making their comparisons known, but it certainly glows in all other aspects showing that Lacey looks like a proposition which will just get stronger and more inventive, as well as popular ahead.


RingMaster 12/09/2013


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