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Earlier this year, London based Jingo more than impressed with a trio of single released a couple of weeks or so apart from each other. Each was a distinct emotional soundscape with scenery of melodic and colour drenched narratives lyrically and musically capturing the imagination. It is fair to say each of the three left thoughts and emotions eager and happy to declare the promise and an assumed potent horizon of the band. Well it turns out that we were merely on the appetisers for greater things, the songs just hints and temptations of what was to come ahead and certainly with their fourth release. Black Flowers is simply magnificent, a flame of creative mastery which leaves as great as they were, its predecessors well back in the shade. Jingo have truly arrived and in a fire of adventure.

Consisting of husband and wife guitarist/vocalist Jack and vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Katie Buckett, alongside drummer Joseph Reeves, and Sahil Batra on keys/bass/guitar/vocals, the quartet certainly took no time in drawing attention, their first gig as Jingo coming as support for Graham Coxon of Blur in March this year at a sold out charity night at Mother London. That same day saw the release of debut single IQ84 soon after followed by Same Without You and subsequently Matador. Each song left a stronger and increasing appetite and thirst for their descriptive musical narratives and rich lyrical expression, something Black Flowers more than quenches. Comparisons in many ways to bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Magic Numbers have been mentioned but it is fair to say Jingo have already managed to stand alone, and even more so with the more intensive and formidable single.

As soon as the drone kissed riffs of guitar and bass opened up the air there is a feeling of darker more intensive things afoot. The addition of the glorious vocals of Katie offers an immediate seduction but they cannot dismiss the shadows draping eagerly over the ear. It is a magnetic welcome which only deepens in lure and intensity as the drums flex their forceful sinews and the guitars bring a greater gnarly caress to the encounter. With the keys expanding their richly hued imaginative presence within the veins of doom spawned  corruptive contagion, the blend of light and dark is pure ingenious whilst the exceptional enchanting vocals and harmonies act like a beacon to restrain the musical and lyrical darkness. Other songs maybe have sparked thoughts The Magic Numbers etc. but Black Flowers seem to find a kind of kinship with bands such as Blood Ceremony and Jess & the Ancient Ones.

Black Flowers is outstanding, a track to thrust the band into the heart of British rock music, though you get the inkling that Jingo will never settle in one camp, and that makes them and their new single even the more exhilarating.

Stream/download Black Flowers https://soundcloud.com/jingomusic/black-flowers



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