Kismet Ryding – Look.See.Don’t.Trip EP

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UK rock band Kismet Ryding is brewing up a nice little potent buzz for itself these days and their new Look.See.Don’t.Trip EP shows exactly why. Consisting of six thrilling and enterprising blends of sixties psychedelic flames and prime garage rock with more than a whisper of blues and Brit pop for extra flavour, the release is a vibrant declaration of a band on a determined rise, an ascent which you can only assume will be swift with the quality of their EP as reference.

Formed in 2009 and consisting of brothers Josh (guitar) and Tom Humphreys (bass), Mike Freeman (vocals), and Jazz White (drums), the Grimsby/Cleethorpes band has built a rich reputation for their live performances and through their very successful debut single, Hangin’. The release of Look.See.Don’t.Trip is their next blaze upon rock and has already see some of its tracks drawing eager attention and acclaim, which its full release will only expand and accelerate.

The release opens with the riotous Last Night’s Stains, a track which has already received intensive radio play, especially with the radio shows at Bold rhythms and mutually tempting grooves open up the song before the fine vocals of Freeman play within the erupting fiery melodic haze of energy and guitar persuasion. Instantly the track has laid down a seductive toxicity which has feet and emotions joining its romp whilst voice is not slow in coming forward and joining the riotous chorus too. Persistently addictive and littered with craft and lively imagination, the outstanding song offers a feel of The Black Keys at times but as a mere whisper within a sound which manages to come over as familiar yet distinctive to Kismet Ryding.

The following Coming Up grazes the ear with a caustic but appealing wash of guitar before settling into a respectful gait for the vocals to lay down their introduction. It is not long before the rhythms of White create another impressive web of enticement within the raw yet balanced energy and sonic heat of the guitar and probing throat of the bass, both provided with expertise by the Humphreys boys. Having the unenviable task of succeeding the excellent opener was always going to be a tough order and though the song does not ignite the emotional fires inside it is a more than appetizing piece of rock ‘n’ roll matched by Good Good Way, a gentler track in presence but just as accomplished. Sounding a bit like The Loud, the song like its predecessor is an easy and pleasing companion even if that is all it rises to at the end of its enjoyable time.

From here Look.See.Don’t.Trip lifts off again to rival the starter and at times surpass its triumph. Most Famous is first up coaxing the ear with a melancholic suasion from the guitar and bass as Freeman brings extra emotive expression to the senses. Intensive melodic and sonic heat is never far away and soon licking vociferously at the ear whilst alternating with more tender weaves of imaginative caresses. The song is a striking smouldering composition, layers and sonic textures bleeding into and coaxing thoughts and passions to spark off of its feverish heart.

The title track is another insatiable and irresistible stomp, rhythms and riffs taking no for an answer as they wrench passions  to their feet to romp within its sixties dance hall agitation, feet and body also enlisted just as rabidly and hungrily. Just over two and a half minutes of energetic and frenzied glory, with guitars and drums especially scything the air with virulent contagion, the song is demanding to be acclaimed best song though the closing Hope and Glory has other ideas. Arguably the most resourceful and imaginative song on the EP, it shimmers with electric sultriness from the start before expanding into a full furnace of sonic adventure and rapacious passion. Riffs show restraint without losing hunger and rhythms cage the ear in another commanding but respectful wall of steel, their appealing core making a canvas for the guitars and vocals to create a sizzling psychedelic hued melodic painting. A stunning end to an equally terrific release, Look.See.Don’t.Trip is a release which you need in your ear and daily soundtrack. Kismet Ryding has something special going on, it would be rude not to join in.


RingMaster 06/09/2013

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