Teenage China – Forth EP

Teenage China

With a debut as strong as the Forth EP it is impossible not to suspect and imagine that Scottish band Teenage China has a potent and vibrant future ahead of them. Three tracks of inventive and colourful rich sounds ensures the release makes the strongest introduction whilst suggesting there is still plenty more to come from the band and for them to investigate within. Taking post hardcore as their seed and invigorating it with melodic and alternative rock essences, the band has created something not yet wholly unique but with plenty of distinctive temptations which sets it and them apart from the bulk of similar genre fuelled artists.

Seemingly themed by youth and its fit in the world of today, the EP takes mere moments to make a loud and impressive persuasion, the quintet of vocalist Ged Cartwright, guitarists/vocalists Barry Topping and Richard Fish, bassist/vocalist Simon Watt, and drummer/vocalist Francis Morgan, flying from the traps with energy and melodic fire on Millionmurk. The vocals of Cartwright instantly impress, never dipping throughout the release, whilst the guitars and firm rhythmic dance match his entrance as they combine to form an immediate pleasing hook. Constantly on the move in sound, direction, and imagination the song is a riveting creative exploit which recruits the passions with ease whilst offering an evocative weave for thoughts to be inspired by. It is an exceptional start which offers more to contemplate and enjoy the more of its incendiary invention you share. It does put the rest of the EP under pressure in many ways such its potency but the rest of the tracks never offer anything less than captivation even if maybe they do just miss that opening set plateau.

Embrace The Street takes a more reflective and settled entrance with melodies and vocal harmonies washing pleasingly over the ear as Forth Coverthe song primes all its elements for the subsequent charge of sound and energy. With a definite Avenged Sevenfold feel to the steely riffs and sonic enterprise, the track like the first offers outstanding vocal craft and invention to its continuing to impress creative charm and the skills of Topping and Fish. Everything fits perfectly, the drums and bass as inspiring and accomplished as any other factor of the band and the quite incredible vocal mix from across the whole band adventurous and always fresh.

The closing doesawasphaveaface has a deep soulful growl to its presence especially through Cartwright, and pushes the boundaries of the EP yet again so all songs though closely related offer something different to greedily seize upon and find a passion for. Morgan drives the song with his ever twisting rhythmic attack impressively, giving it intensity and imposing height which is built upon by the striking flames of guitar and again vocal union. Maybe not as immediate as the other two songs, with the additional vocal elegance of Carine Tinney adding further suasion the track slowly burns itself deep into the emotions and emerges as another real highlight of the release, though every track deserves that accolade.

Teenage China is a big force ready to explode upon the world and they can only get better which really heats up the anticipation, but available as a name your price download there is no point in waiting for that to happen when Forth is this damn good.





RingMaster 29/08/2013

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