kato – Buried With The Rain


Delivering the senses to the jaws of the blackest consumptive devastation, Buried With The Rain the new EP from US fury kato is aural malevolence at its most primal and merciless. The three track release not so much escorts but manhandles thoughts and emotions into a stark and predacious landscape sculpted by a mesh of doom, hardcore, and extreme metal antagonism. It is a fearsome, vicious realm but as synapses wither and hope dissipates into blackness under its onslaught, a very rewarding and provocative experience is found and devoured.

Hailing from Charlotte, N. Carolina, a place which seems to breed great bands and music with every loose seed, kato has earned a strong reputation locally which the release of Buried With The Rain it is easy to suggest could begin to spread their sonic infestation much wider afield. Released as a 7” vinyl via Speedowax and UK indie Middle Ground Records, as well as a free download, the EP lays its blackened breath and intent upon the listener from its opening harsh note through to the last venomous strike of the final track, gripping with a lethal gloom coated claw. It is not comfortable listening, often an encounter which threatens sanity, but lying in a pool of your own waste shell shocked from its brutality you still bask in one blistering and thrilling experience.

Opener Yet His Shadow Still Looms sears the ear from its very first touch, guitars scorching the flesh as lumbering rhythms and the coverdarkest throated bassline prowls within their acid. A lull soon comes over, though the intimidation just intensifies, as the guitars slowly stroke the senses with evocative reflective touches. The atmosphere behind though is building all the time to expel a forceful piece of spite before again a breath is taken ready for the corrosive tsunami of sonic energy and rapacious sound fuelled by the blast of venomous vocals which breaks free. The track is a scene setter simultaneously to creating its own apocalyptic like barren soundscape, cruel and tender elements merging for an evocative and disturbing journey through equally dramatic climes and ruin.

The formidable start is followed by the caustic ambience of And All Of The Rats Gather, the atmospherically dark intro fused to a potent sample creating a brew of intensity which explodes into a hardcore powered fire of fearsome riffs, belligerent rhythms, and again excellent barbaric vocals this time coming with diversity and from all angles. Much more accessible than its predecessor but no less hard-handed, the track delivers a blaze of grooves and punk riffs which recruit the passions with anthemic strength whilst again that bass delivers a presence which is irresistible. Like in the first song the band is unafraid to mix up the attack and keep the listener unbalanced and intrigued with twists and fluctuations in the continually offensive intensity unpredictable and riveting.

Final song Dust of Earth looks at the ear for a split second before consuming it with another more hardcore than metallic introduction of severe provocation. Once the senses are trapped and enslaved the path of the song drops into a doom laden grievous crawl and onerous expanse of sound and intent. At times painful but full of gain for imagination and emotions, it makes for a towering imposing conclusion to an equally demanding but satisfying release.

    Buried With The Rain suggests we will be hearing a lot more of kato in the future and that is undoubtedly a very good if threatening thing.




RingMaster 29/08/2013

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