For All The Wrong Reason – We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning EP

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For a band barely into its eighth month, debut release the We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning EP from For All The Wrong Reason, is all the more impressive with its collection of anthemically energetic and infectiously lively songs packed full of vibrant promise. It is not exactly the fact that the band is so young in its formation and with such accomplished sounds that makes the release so exciting but that their blend of pop punk/power pop still suggests there is so much more to come ahead which thrills. As the EP teases and dances riotously with the senses through five cuts of melodic contagion the feeling that this is the dawn of a potent force in their chosen genre is inescapable whilst right the band stands as an extremely accomplished and invigorating encounter.

Consisting of vocalist Alex Statham, guitarists Jacob Pointing and Chris Dunn, bassist Aiden De Ruiter, and drummer Lou Coe, the Lincoln quintet immediately set to work on sculpting and honing their sound and songs from day one, the intensive work and craft openly apparent on We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning. Clad in hungry riffs and guitar enterprise within a rhythmic frame which engages at a primal level, the songs making up the release are the kind which are fresh and inventive yet seemingly no strangers to the ear and emotions. Fuelled by adrenaline and filled with melodic flames and imagination which seep virulence, the tracks refuse to take no for an answer from the passions with their potent persuasion. Arguably, though probably fair to say, For All The Wrong Reasons are still on route to finding their own distinctive presence, the EP rife with familiar and easy to compare to others moments, but such the skill and strength of the songwriting and its realisation it is a minor issue at this point.

Vocals and guitars with a rhythmic coaxing press on the ear to set the release and opener These Past Few Years Haven’t Been So Kind offFor All The Wrong Reasons Cover Artwork to a good start, the blend respectful and undemanding but a strong welcome into the EP. Into a pacey yet restrained stride the track does not try to over load the senses with  a blaze of invention, just a resourceful and easily accessible stroll of sharp hooks and melodic caresses which would not be out of place in Blink 182 songs. With the bass offering a darker throat to the sound and fine guitar flames licking around the excellent vocals of Statham, it is a steady and appealing start almost like a sighter before really reaching for the resources and invention of the band.

Who Died And Made You King Of The Zombies? rustles up a raw and gritty tone to its riffs before erupting into an again instantly connectable charge of eager energy with imaginative guitar sonic hues laying down an emotive narrative alongside the continuing to impress vocals and firm commanding rhythms. A further step on from the starter itself, the song is then surpassed by the excellent It Always Rains (Except When It Snows). From its first breath the track is invitingly brawling with the ear, riffs and drums courting intimidation without going for the jugular and the vocals riding it all with a caustic touch not seen previously. With the bass stalking it all with seductive mischief, the song begins to switch and twist with a keen groove littered with rhythmic and melodic hooks gripping tight whilst the vocals take on a cleaner welcome with Pointing backing up Statham potently. It is a heady mix which like the EP just gets better the further into its length you go before delivering a striking delicious finale.

    It’s Not Me With The Problem, It’s Everyone Else and Worn Out finish off the release, the first conjuring another fire of irrepressible infection filled fascination which evolves and shifts throughout for a thrilling mix of bordering on aggressive confrontation and sirenesque enticement which embraces greater unpredictability the more it offers. Its successor brings a passion fuelled stomp of melodic and sinew driven enterprise to conclude the fine release. An anthem for the emotions and senses, the song is a fiery triumph which leaves hunger and anticipation of even greater things to come ruling thoughts as the sounds inspiring them with the same strength guide the passions.

Keeping a watch on For All The Wrong Reasons starting with the  We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning EP is a must as they have all the makings of being something quite special upon future horizons.


RingMaster 26/08/2013

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