Warehouse Riots – Skimming Stones


The musical loves of the four members making up UK band Warehouse Riots is as distinctly varied as the flavoursome sound of their new single Skimming Stones. From electro/dance through metal and onto jazz/blues and indie, their likes and influences are wide and though not all spices are openly evident on the song there is a brew conjured that is diverse and irrepressibly invigorating.

From Manchester, the foursome of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mark Maclean, bassist Andrew Maclean, drummer John Maclean, and guitarist/vocalist Anthony Critchley linked up in 2011. The band itself comes with strong experience from its previous incarnation Francis and Master, a band which won the Streetwaves Unsigned competition in 2009 and got to the final of Live And Unsigned 2010. With a band name inspired by the abandoned building in Wigan where they practised and honed their sound, Warehouse Riots has earned good acclaim for their live shows which recently included supporting American rock band Jeff The Brotherhood on their UK tour. Currently completing their provisionally called Uncomfortable Polar Bear Face debut album with producer Mark Wainwright, the band have unveiled a real temptress for the release with their new single.

Swinging in with its hips swerving to a dance of drum beats and a funk clad bassline, the song instantly beckons full attention and when the guitars add their tease lips are licked in anticipation. The vocals of Mark soon add to the infectiously pleasing sound being unveiled and as the song saunters with warm inviting caresses upon the ear and melodic kisses upon the senses the encounter just gets more exciting and contagious. There is a slight indefinable familiarity to the track which only adds to its appeal and temptation whilst the imaginative enterprise which has the song bringing further unpredictable and magnetic persuasion fuels a real sense of immense promise and future heights for the band.

Irresistible and raucously invigorating with its blend of indie and pop rock with a funk breath, Skimming Stones declares that Warehouse Riots’ album cannot come soon enough.



RingMaster 24/08/2013


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