The Number Ones – I Wish I Was Lonely/He’s Too Good For Everyone Else But He’s Not Good Enough For You 7” single


Hailing from Dublin, The Number Ones step forward with a debut of scuzz kissed, lo –fi hugged power pop punk which securely brands the band as ones to keep a steady eye on. Their two track caustic treat has one of those sounds which abrases and caresses simultaneously, guitars riling up the surface of the senses whilst fiery melodies soothe their resistance. It is a pleasing and exciting merger which translates to emotions and thoughts around the band, not forgetting hunger.

Formed in 2011 by Sean Goucher (Cheap Freaks, The Pacifics) and Eddie Kenrick (Crowd Control, Loose Nut, Bang Bros) who met through mutual friends and soon found a like-minded appreciation for late 70s melodic punk and powerpop one hit wonders between them, the band soon expanded with the addition of bassist Cian Nugent (Loose Nut) and drummer Conor Lumsden (The Spungos). The quartet did not take long to recruit the passions and hearts of local fans as they gigged extensively across north and south Dublin, strengthening their reputation at every turn which their first single is sure to cement.

Released through Cork-based DIY record label Art for Blind, the single strikingly caresses the ear from the first second of I Wish I Was Lonely, guitars offering a raw touch as bass and drums add their weighty presence to the introduction. The vocals do not wait around to make their touch known, the dual delivery a great blend of discord urged harmonies and rugged control recalling the heady days of Irish punk when bands like The Outcasts and Rudi as well as the Good Vibrations record label started out. Aided by the equally unpolished scent of sound it all adds up to a song that is infectious and thoroughly enjoyable, and one drenched in potent promise.

Its companion He’s Too Good For Everyone Else But He’s Not Good Enough For You is straight to the jugular type of song, riffs and drums leaping for the throat of the senses with an urgency and appetite that refuses to accept no for an answer. As with the first the concussive percussion wash and piercing jangly flames of guitars sear their presence deep within moments, whilst the vocals bring a contagion and punk bred riot that only elevates the satisfaction easily cultivated by band and song.

The Number Ones is a band with a strong future given the opportunity and placed in an environment where the production really lights the fire of their songs, it is hard not to expect big things from the four-piece; right now though their debut more than gets the job done.


RingMaster 15/08/2013

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