Kill Ritual – Harder Than Stone


AS US thrashers Kill Ritual complete the recording of their second album The Eyes Of Medusa, with a planned release of next year, the San Francisco thrashers unleash new single Harder Than Stone. Whether the track will be on the upcoming release or not time will tell but such its pleasing craft and stature, the new song will only breed a sturdy appetite for itself and the following album.

The seven minute song was initially recorded during the basic tracking sessions of the excellent album, The Serpentine Ritual.  It is an extensive piece of adventure from the quartet of vocalist Crimson, guitarist Steven Rice (ex-Imagika), bassist Danyael Laughing Bear (ex-Dark Angel), and drummer Gee Anzalone, a single that teases, challenges, and thrills the senses with commanding riffs , demanding rhythms, and sonic temptation.

A vocal call beckons in winding grooves and punchy rhythms as the song begins with the guitar casting sonic flames through it all to singe the hairs that dwell within the ear. It is a potent entrance, an irresistible invitation soon given bulk by the roving drums and probing bassline scorched by the now fiery guitar play. The vocals of Crimson emerge with a mix of clean and crusty growls which exploit the twisting course of the song whilst the track itself switches through strides of Metallica like urgency, Suicidal Tendencies like punk devilry, and Exodus like melodic blazes. The track is a constantly engaging and shifting piece of invention that just wets the whistle for future things.

The single is probably not the best thing Kill Ritual has unveiled to date, there are moments where it falls a little flat, though debatably that is down to production more than song, but as a tempter for the forthcoming full-length it is an infectious hook which successfully completes its mission in sparking a truly strong appetite.

Harder Than Stone is released as a free download via Rock N Growl Records.


RingMaster 09/08/2013

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