In Silentio Noctis – Disenchant The Hypocrites

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It has been three years since Finnish symphonic black metallers In Silentio Noctis impressed and drew acclaim from a great many with debut album Through Fragments of Christianity. It was a release with a distinct voice and striking presence bursting with equally vibrant promise, something which has been realised on the return of the band with their new EP. It has been three years since the previous record and now the Vantaa band equipped with a new line-up which features members of Rapture, Rain Paint, Carnal Demise and Spirit Disease, returns with a trio of tracks under the name Disenchant The Hypocrites which scream quality and imagination capturing grandeur.

Founded in 2006 by vocalist Armi Päivinen and guitarist Elias Vihma, In Silentio Noctis released the Symphonies of Death demo the following year to be followed in 2010 by the previously mentioned  Through Fragments of Christianity, the point the band began reaching an awareness outside of their locality. The band seemed to disappear after that release as another shift in personnel wrapped its disruption around the unit but now with guitarists Tuomas Leskinen and Samuli Reinikainen, bassist Aleksi Ahokas, and drummer Veikko Ringvall alongside Päivinen, their unique sonic stimulation is back to embrace the world through the potent source of the My Kingdom Music released Disenchant The Hypocrites.

Themed by a concept dealing with the hypocrisy of both God and his servants, the EP opens with the beckoning charms of Chapter I: TheIn Silentio Noctis cover Pit, an initial bridge of dramatic high walled temptation leading the senses into an expanse of formidable epic toned melodic scenery. Sonic fires burn fiercely within a rhythmic barrage, both providing a cage for thoughts and emotions to envisage and explore the melodic narrative vibrantly explaining its premise. Into an urgent stride, a folk bred burst of enticement breaking out thanks to and blessed by the guest craft of violinist Ville Koponen, the song feels the warmth and operatic might of Päivinen fill its air and heart, her tones and style evocative and at times sirenesque, which shows her immense presence as we admittedly do not always find an operatic spawned style of delivery an easy fit for personal metal tastes. The track continues to stretch and exploit the imagination with a blaze of inventive and richly hued enterprise from songwriting and its realisation.

The strong start switches up a gear with Chapter II: Of Deception, the dramatic heights and inquisitive quest being conjured continuing to engage and enthral as rigidly as the sounds colouring its passage through ear and thoughts. Each track has its own story to tell sonically and emotionally, this song combining melancholic strings with rapacious riffing and rhythmic subjugation to send the senses into a maelstrom of inventive provocation and symphonic mastery. As with the whole EP, the track needs numerous encounters to delve into and experience all of its rewards and corners but gives more to digest and enjoy with each meeting.

At this point the ride offered is at its most scintillating and firmly cemented by last track Chapter III: Haunted. With the keys of the other guest on the release Johannes Salo honing the atmosphere into a smouldering weave of calm yet forceful suggestion whilst the guitars vein and sear its tender wrap, the track is a spectacular flight through a tempestuous but stunning landscape of climatic beauty and a ravenous exposition of passion and incite.

Disenchant The Hypocrites is an outstanding release with the only minor issue one would suggest being the mix between music and the soaring harmonics of Päivinen, where at times she is almost swamped by the sounds, though as the promo was a digital file which does not help present the true clarity of things at times, it is not a major problem. The return of In Silentio Noctis will deservedly be devoured eagerly by fans whilst Disenchant The Hypocrites will recruit a great many more into their refreshing aural arms, all developing a greed as they wait for a new album.


RingMaster 09/08/2013

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