Ivor Game – Back Seat Driving

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    Back Seat Driving is the new single from singer songwriter Ivor Game, an artist hailing from Ashford, Middlesex. The song is quite simply a pleasing slice of melodic and emotive writing which merges acoustic craft and pop with a folk lilted narrative. It is gentle and tender, an unassuming track which though lacking the punch or depth to spark fires in the emotions is as engaging and satisfying as you could wish for when in emotional contemplation.

Game first touched the guitar at the age of ten and was soon writing and creating his own songs. Time in various bands followed until in his twenties he stretched out and began playing solo in various acoustic clubs around London. His success saw tours of Ireland, Los Angeles, Nashville and Europe following over the subsequent years whilst the UK continually was graced by his short sharp acoustic’ shows. Back Seat Driving is the next song to try and enchant many more to accompany the many already taken with the strong sounds of Game, and as it caresses senses and thoughts with the developed craft and experience of its creator again whilst writing its review, it is hard not to imagine his fanbase gaining a healthy new influx of energy from its release.

The song instantly cups the ear with a melodic wash that suggests and brings a colour rich premise to bear and upon which the vocals and their words find a rewarding canvas to paint their plea upon. There is a simplicity to all aspects that walks a folk adventure whilst the guitar of Game lights up ears with an enterprise and touch that is wholly appetising. It is fair to say that Back Seat Driving is not opening up new boundaries or stretching limits but it instead offers a weave of heart given personal incite and melodic pleasure that is hard to refuse and not enjoys. For a soundtrack to nights working things out or just enjoying a balmy evening of reflection, Ivor Game has a gently agreeable companion in his new single.



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