Reapers Riddle – Drop


There was a sense of excitement when Clayton Mitchell, the vocalist of Australian rockers Reapers Riddle got in touch with us to introduce the band’s new single. Though we were late discovering the band compared to many, previous EP A Touch Of Death grabbed us instantly and set the Perth quintet as one we would always have plenty of time for. The news of the single Drop immediately had our appetites slavering but such the strength of the EP and its multi-flavoured blend of heavy rock and hungry metal would the new song manage to rival its impact was the question. Not only does it match the earlier release the single is many steps ahead, the band and music leaping onto another scintillating plateau of quality, imagination, and craft.

Formed early 2009, Reapers Riddle has built a formidable reputation around their home city and into the rest of the country for not only 986723_10152055442963943_1658108318_nsound but their raucous and high octane live performances. A Touch Of Death touched on the world with its accomplished contagious charms, taking the presence of the band especially through the web into new happy to feed upon them places. With guitarists Michael Willis and Dan Bishop, bassist Jason Edwards, and drummer Wayne Frodyma alongside Mitchell, Reapers Riddle are ready to make that major step to full world awareness; whether it will happen you can never know such the world of music but Drop gives all the evidence needed to show this is a band bringing new breath and life to muscle clad rock ‘n’ roll.

Drop makes quite a reserved yet persuasive entrance, a single guitar crafting a weave of melodic beckoning before being joined by sinew rippling rhythms, another melodic caress from the other guitar, and a solitary vocal call. It is when the keys enter that flames start to lick at thoughts and feelings; that strong start suddenly drenched in emotive elegance and evocative air. As the intensity slowly rises and riffs cloud the clarity of the atmosphere pleasingly, Mitchell unveils his great ever expressive tones, the lyrical narrative courted by the still provoking keys. It is a superb merger of beauty and the riff driven beast, both given open space to give their calls whilst combining for a potent and riveting confrontation of hard rock and melodic metal. There is a sense of Disturbed to the track at times and a classic feel which only enhances its temptation and slightly anthemic lure.

It has to be said that as impressive and mighty that the earlier EP was Drop is another level for the band and easily the best thing they have graced our ears and appetites with.  The song is accompanied by bonus track Devils Fire, a new recording of one of their most popular songs which just stomps through the ear with all the contagion of a virus and fire of a furnace, prime metallic fuel inspiring the melodic flames and muscularly weighted riffs and rhythms providing the robust kindling.

You could say Reapers Riddle has come of age with Drop, but it was always something special just now the band has found the creative and mature skilled voice to make the rest of the world sit up and notice, roll on their debut album The Ballad of Tristan Daye.

Drop is released August 16th with its accompanying video.


RingMaster 02/08/2013

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