Mexico Indigo – The Trumpet

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Taken from debut album Single Blind Design which came out at the beginning of the year, new single The Trumpet is a foot stomping piece of rock ‘n’ roll which may not get the heart over excited but certainly leaves the listener rife with energy whilst reliving the contagious call of the song long after its departure from the ear. It is an undemanding and easily accessible slice of rock music from Mexico Indigo which ticks all the right boxes for enjoyment and in inspiring further interest in their full length release.

Formed in Woking in 2008 and now London based, the trio making up Mexico Indigo of vocalist guitarist Stuart Camara, bassist/vocalist Matt Kingston, and drummer Phil Kingston draw influences from the likes of Nirvana, Sex Pistols ,The Clash, The Beatles, and The Libertines into their clean and engaging sound. Their early demos and gigs took them to the attention of Strummerville who gave them funding to record a three track EP in a recording studio. Shows alongside the likes of Viva Brother, Dog is Dead, and Wet Nuns followed as well as significant radio airplay throughout London and further afield such as in places like Brazil. As mentioned the ten track album opened up 2013 and has since drawn strong attention which The Trumpet can only reinforce.

As evidenced by the single there is a punk breath to their lighter rock presence which gives a good bite to the music even if intimidation is left on the drawing board. It is a pleasing mix which brings a contagion that is hard to dismiss or refuse and though originality may also be light on the single it matters little when feet are adding their contribution to the fun. From the opening shuffle of drums and jangly guitars the song lures the listener in with a solid hand whilst the vocals of Camara, without being dramatically gripping take the lyrical narrative through the ear as easily as the blues whispering sound alongside them. The melodic hook which waves throughout the song is prime Buzzcocks (especially reminiscent of Everybody’s Happy Nowadays), whilst the persuasive urgency of the track is punk bred which at times reminds of The Motors. The combination is a song that leaves plenty to enthuse about.

It is probably fair to say there is nothing dramatically remarkable about The Trumpet but it easily recruits emotions and appetite into its richly pleasing romp which is all anyone can ask of a song to find strong satisfaction.


RingMaster 22/07/2013


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