Casting Riffs Afar: an interview with Seneron

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From Northern Ireland Seneron is a band starting to make strong marks worldwide, especially with the release of their new EP Order Restored. Consisting of four songs which provoke the listener with a riot of big rhythms, caustic riffing, and melodic flaming, the compelling release follows the recent signing of the band to GlobMetal Promotions for a worldwide management deal. Things are moving for this Derry quartet so we grabbed the opportunity to find out more about the band, their music, and metal in their homeland.

Hi and a big thank you for sparing time to talk with us.

Hello, and thank you very much for asking us to complete this interview we are extremely humbled.

For those not yet introduced to Seneron can you do the honours and also give some background to the band?

We all met through the local cover band circuit here in Ireland and instantly became friends with our passion for rock music and the local band scene. From that we talked about creating some original material and all agreed to give it six months to see what would happen. Two years later and two records completed we have had success but aim to reach new fans all over the world in the very near future.

Seneron is not the first band for its members then, is there a richer history to you all musically?

All of us have played in many different bands over the years, some has created success and others have not. At this moment in time all of us are a part of Seneron and we have been graced with some success. We can all see the potential that the band can have on a worldwide stage and are very excited about that.

From the outside there seems to be a strong rock and metal scene in Northern Ireland right now how do you see it on the inside?

Yeah there’s a big wealth of really good bands here especially in the rock and metal genre. There certainly is no shortage of them and we’re kind of spoilt for choice here if you’re looking to go out and rock out on a night out which is really cool. Also having a lot of bands locally will help the music and ethos of the metal message reach more people, so that is always a good thing!

Is there a community spirit/unity between bands there too?

There certainly is a very good community spirit between bands here as they are willing to co-headline gigs and support other bands which have supported them on another nights and help each other out with equipment etc. to make the show happen, but you can’t let that fool you either because music is music and bands trying to make an impression will try and outdo the other bands performing on the night so competition is rife which is healthy too!

Are there certain inspirations which have driven your musical intent and the band’s sound?

Well we all grew up with the grunge scene and have been influenced from early punk bands from the seventies like the Sex Pistols etc. plus the early thrash scene, all combined have pretty much influenced us as performers and especially as songwriters. Also the whole DIY scene has influenced the way that we book tours, release records and promote ourselves over the world.

artworks-000037125684-j76vvd-cropYour recent EP Order Restored, our introduction to you, has earned strong interest outside of your homeland including radio play in the US, has this surprised you in any way?

Short answer – YES!!! We are amazed that a lot of countries have opened their arms to us and our fan base keeps growing each day. We hope to continue promoting the band all over the world and perhaps get to visit in 2014.

How has your sound evolved since forming to the latest release or is it still pretty much the same beast as on day one?

In a band like ours your sound has to evolve in order to become unique and not sound like anyone else. There are so many bands around the world that you have to do something different each night you perform in order to stand out. For us we experiment in creating new sounds, different riffs, arrangements and trying to stretch our musical boundaries. We feel that we have created a well-rounded sound but there is always room for improvement.

Tell us about the writing process within the band. 

Most of the time John (singer) would come to rehearsal’s with a general idea of a riff, melody or a selection of words. We would jam out those ideas to see what sticks and all of us would have a creative input. From that we would listen back to see if we actually like it and try to add various ideas to see if we can get a good sounding song.  It’s quite a lengthy process at times but it’s all worth the hard work when we finally take it to the stage!

What do you find is the spark that songs then generally spring from, riffs or more melodic ideas?

Generally we would come up with the riff first then the melodies would progress after that. A typical day in our rehearsal space is that we would jam countless ideas until a few would see potential. Then we would all take that idea away and try to come back with a progression of that idea.

Do you write songs to demo stage before entering the studio or are you band which likes to takes ideas, seeds of songs into that situation and evolve them there?

We demo everything that we write and play it live for a few months before we record the final version. The reason for this is that in song writing you can always improve on a good idea. So for us we like to get feedback from our fans at the live shows and see which song gets the best reaction. For example the track Dead Stare on our new record nearly did not make the final cut as we didn’t really like the version, but when we played it live we always got people asking us where they can buy it and how good the song is! So we have learned to listen to our fans!

Many bands say and feel their home towns/cities influence their sound and imagination quite potently, has Derry had that impact on you?

I think for us personally it’s pretty much music that we have heard on radio and television through media coverage that has influenced the band. Although watching rock bands perform in local pubs and clubs when we were young gave us all the burning ambition to get on that stage and rock out, but you could say that the lyrics are basically stories about experiences of everyday life in general which is easy to write.

You have also have a great reputation for your live shows, this is an area we suspect you revel in and maybe even have your greatest personal moments?seneron

With being on the road for the last two years we have seen a lot of things but every night would be classed as the greatest as we a grateful for the chance to perform on any stage over the country. We are excited when we meet new fans, get a tweet from someone across the world and hear our music on different world wide stations. For us that’s the greatest and appreciate everyone who interacts with us!

Any particularly memorable gigs either for positive or negative reasons which have impacted on the band?

We always remind ourselves what the gigs were like when we first started and look to where we are now. Like every band we paid our dues by playing to a few fans in a quiet venue and we appreciate it a lot more when we see our crowds increase on every show. Those early days shapes a band and makes you realise it’s not an easy business to crack but with hard work and dedication success can be obtained as we are the proof!

What is ahead for Seneron across the rest of 2013?

The plan for us is to continue promote Order restored and our new single Dead Stare for the rest of the year. We will have a tour of Ireland and the UK in Sept/Oct and plan to go back into the studio to record another record and hopefully get to visit Europe in 2014.

Once again big thanks for chatting with us…

So finally listening to the excellent Order Restored EP we know why people should go watch you live and grab the release but would you like to end with a sales pitch as to why people should come out and catch you live at the very least?

As well as having really good energetic tunes slapped in your face and a high impact live show we promise to deliver a fun event which will have the audience interact with the band in friendly banter and craic as we say here in Ireland. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we promise to make it a real fun show and to leave the audience taking about it for days, weeks! So catch us while you can because you never know when we can get back to your home town!

Read the Order Restored EP review @

Dead Stare the new Seneron single is released on Monday 15th July


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