The Vitamins: Keys To The Limousine

The Vitamins

Forming riotous impossible to ignore rock music from blues flames, garage rock, and a muscular tendency which would not look out of place if placed in the hands of Black Sabbath, UK rockers The Vitamins make their introduction with debut single Keys To The Limousine, a two track boisterous party which takes the passions on a sinew clad dance across dirty floors that are no stranger to unbridled primal rock ‘n’ roll. It is an enterprising release which ticks all the right boxes for heavy rock needs whilst bringing plenty of tasty additives to spice things up all the more.

Formed in 2011, the trio from Bury St. Edmunds consists of vocalist/guitarist Dick Phillips , bassist Ollie Swift, and drummer Neil Baldwin. Together they brew up songs which approach topics ranging from the standardization of city centre bars to fictional fights with 1950’s Mexican wrestlers, all worthy issues for sure. It is hard to describe their sound without mentioning the likes of The Black Keys and The Stooges but it has a character of its own which sets the band apart from the rest already and is sure to develop that difference more ahead.

Released July 15th via Sturm Und Drang and Right To Bear Records as a 7″ vinyl and download, The Keys To The Limousine a0181765728_2takes a mere breath to seduce the ear as a fully vocal sonic guitar groove swaggers through the air with your submission the only thing in its intent. Soon joined by crashing drums and a moody bass provocation, the song is a raw and unfussy encounter which accentuates its fiery properties through the excellent vocals of Phillips and the lively almost transparent production. It all adds to making the track in its brief energetic blaze a wonderfully bruising and invigorating incitement to thoughts and emotions. The riffs scrape the senses from start to finish with Phillips the only soothing motion to temper the welcome soreness earned in the exciting company of the song. It is an exciting encounter but one will an immediate rival.

Accompanying the lead song is I’ve Got A Telephone, a song which again takes mere moments to secure full attention as thumping beats agitate the ear for the vocals to unveil the tale we have all lived through when moving home. Into its stride the song unleashes another furnace of energy and sonic bluster subsequently switching between vintage rock ‘n’ roll temptation to company the verse and a caustic senses abrasing riff storm around the chorus. It is a tremendous treat which yes is even more thrilling than its companion, though both leave only the strongest pleasure in their flammable wake.

Listening to Keys To The Limousine we have the feeling that The Vitamins is going to become a big favourite and part of the daily soundtrack of a great many, certainly they have won a constant place in ours.


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