No Middle Name – Another Season


Released on Mollusc Records, the label that brought us the exceptional imaginative sounds of the debut Mammal Hum album last year, Another Season the debut single from No Middle Name is a track which ignites the imagination as it gently swarms around the ear. Offering a lo-fi bred warm enchantment the song is a soundscape for dreams and drifting thoughts in the haze of a summer heat and quite captivating

No Middle Name is the solo project of David Bailey, one half of The Title Sequence. The tale behind the single is that Rory Mansfield of Hull’s Mollusc records gave the artist the opportunity to create No Middle Name by allowing him unlimited access to Glove Box studio to craft an album. This came after a chance meeting at a garden party in Dalston. After an intense seven week period what emerged was not the acoustic piece the label was expecting but a lo-fi dream pop album employing creative and interesting uses of samples within the charms of guitars, synthesizers and the melodic songwriting that Bailey is renowned for with The Title Sequence. After a couple of teases online, Another Season is the first official release from the project and an enthralling invitation to the forthcoming album.

Featuring the delicious ethereal vocals of Lindsay West alongside Bailey, the song emerges from a distance to gently coax and draw in the senses as vocal harmonic samples and musty keys embrace the ear. Once confidently into its stride the dual vocals loudly whisper and glide over the imagination painting an elegant warm experience on their own with the vibrant sounds and enveloping atmosphere adding richer hues to the aural kaleidoscope. Simple in its touch and exquisite in its creation, the single strolls and skips over the emotions making visual suggestions as its evocative caresses and building depths wash over the senses with dreamy temptation.The almost nagging persistence of that vocal sample which haunts the ear from start to finish reminds in effect of The Somnambulist by XTC, its constant niggling a slightly sinister shadow within the golden blaze of splendour elsewhere.

Accompanied by an excellent eccentric animated video which Bailey created using a low-budget scanner and a pad of paper, as well as a series of radio shows exploring the influences behind his new musical path and featuring tracks off the album, as well as one off tracks made exclusively for the mixes at, Another Season is a delicious introduction to band which raises an eager appetite for the future full length release. With a sound said to be heavily influenced by the likes of Wild Nothing and Youth Lagoon, No Middle Name is a major adventure for the musical year set to expand fully when the first album, as suggested by the single, leads thoughts and passions into new arousing sun coated pastures.


RingMaster 10/07/2013


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