Circle of Reason announce UK tour

circle of reason

Southampton band Circle Of Reason have announced the Don’t Look Down UK tour to coincide with the release of their new EP ‘These Hands And This Mind’ which is unleashed Monday July 30th.

Circle of Reason cunningly weave together their own brand of Prog-infused Alternative rock, a sound that is unmistakably unique and individual. Intensely merging visceral guitar parts, ear-shattering drums, and warm, alluring vocals, the band creates an encounter which is simultaneously sweepingly fast-paced and compellingly melodic. Their highly engaging sound is distinct and unique, though it has inspired affectionate comparisons to the likes of ‘Coheed and Cambria’, ‘Soundgarden’ and ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’ over past releases and live shows.

   Circle of Reason have a genuine affinity for touring and performing live, and have already played alongside bands such as: Feed The Rhino,  Marmozets, Girlschool, Lafaro, Fighting With Wire, The Smoking Hearts, Landscapes, Inme, Attention Thieves and Steak Number Eight. Besides a hefty touring schedule, the four-piece are also amassing a solid release output.
Their Don’t Look Down Tour takes in numerous towns and cities gracing the northern part of the country as the band take their infectious presence wider across the country. See below for dates and venues.
   The  killer new EP ‘These Hands And This Mind’, out this July, is loaded to the maximum with diverse guitar riffs and glowing vocal lines that truly soar, from the pounding riffery and stomping groove of their forthcoming single ‘Themes Amongst Thieves’, to the anthemic guile and craft of their current single ‘Don’t Be Still’. The foursome’s indisputable talent prominently shines throughout the whole of the EP, with each track dispatching its own unique feel, drive and vigour.

The Vitamins: Keys To The Limousine

The Vitamins

Forming riotous impossible to ignore rock music from blues flames, garage rock, and a muscular tendency which would not look out of place if placed in the hands of Black Sabbath, UK rockers The Vitamins make their introduction with debut single Keys To The Limousine, a two track boisterous party which takes the passions on a sinew clad dance across dirty floors that are no stranger to unbridled primal rock ‘n’ roll. It is an enterprising release which ticks all the right boxes for heavy rock needs whilst bringing plenty of tasty additives to spice things up all the more.

Formed in 2011, the trio from Bury St. Edmunds consists of vocalist/guitarist Dick Phillips , bassist Ollie Swift, and drummer Neil Baldwin. Together they brew up songs which approach topics ranging from the standardization of city centre bars to fictional fights with 1950’s Mexican wrestlers, all worthy issues for sure. It is hard to describe their sound without mentioning the likes of The Black Keys and The Stooges but it has a character of its own which sets the band apart from the rest already and is sure to develop that difference more ahead.

Released July 15th via Sturm Und Drang and Right To Bear Records as a 7″ vinyl and download, The Keys To The Limousine a0181765728_2takes a mere breath to seduce the ear as a fully vocal sonic guitar groove swaggers through the air with your submission the only thing in its intent. Soon joined by crashing drums and a moody bass provocation, the song is a raw and unfussy encounter which accentuates its fiery properties through the excellent vocals of Phillips and the lively almost transparent production. It all adds to making the track in its brief energetic blaze a wonderfully bruising and invigorating incitement to thoughts and emotions. The riffs scrape the senses from start to finish with Phillips the only soothing motion to temper the welcome soreness earned in the exciting company of the song. It is an exciting encounter but one will an immediate rival.

Accompanying the lead song is I’ve Got A Telephone, a song which again takes mere moments to secure full attention as thumping beats agitate the ear for the vocals to unveil the tale we have all lived through when moving home. Into its stride the song unleashes another furnace of energy and sonic bluster subsequently switching between vintage rock ‘n’ roll temptation to company the verse and a caustic senses abrasing riff storm around the chorus. It is a tremendous treat which yes is even more thrilling than its companion, though both leave only the strongest pleasure in their flammable wake.

Listening to Keys To The Limousine we have the feeling that The Vitamins is going to become a big favourite and part of the daily soundtrack of a great many, certainly they have won a constant place in ours.


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Mycelia – Nova

Mycelia Online Promo Shot

Though at times it is uncertain what to make of some elements of Nova, the new album from Swiss metallers Mycelia, the ultimate outcome is a release which leaves the senses alive and thoughts through to passions empowered by the riveting and superbly crafted confrontation. A fusion of progressive and technical metal, the nine track album takes the listener on an enthralling and impressive escapade through sonically carved ventures fuelled by uncompromising melodic and djent invention.

Founded in 2010 by guitarist Mike Schmid and drummer Marc Trummer in the idyllic Swiss mountain town of Le Croix, Mycelia using inspirations from the likes of The Human Abstract, Meshuggah, and The Dillinger Escape Plan was soon creating potent songs. The line-up expanded soon after with the addition of vocalist Marc Fürer, second guitarist Patrick Küng, and bassist Roy Sonderegger. Two digital EPs and shows supporting bands such as Carnifex, Veil of Maya, Suffokate, and Maroon followed as the band built an impressive reputation in the metal scene of their homeland. Debut album Isolator arrived in 2012 to greater acclaim and reception though not long after Küng departed the band. Remaining as a quartet the band worked on writing their second album which they started recording in the latter part of the year with Clawfinger guitarist Jocke Skog at the controls. Seemingly investigating the depths and expanse between bands from The Human Abstract, The Faceless, and Meshuggah to those like Between the Buried and Me, Nova emerges as a riveting exploration which though not flawless leaves a very hungry appetite for the band behind.

The album opens with the towering Shmashmortion, the track immediately standing tall and wide before the ear with crushingMycelia Cover Artwork kinetic rhythms, grievous throaty bass snarls, and ravaging riffs with sonic grooving twisted around their sinews. With great and varied guttural growls squalling over the whole thing as well, it is an intimidating invitation which leaps with expulsions of raptorial intensity directly on to the senses, chewing them feverishly as the guitars dance tight melodic flames over all surfaces. Leaving breath an absentee in the lungs, the song is a scintillating fury to set passions off in tandem with the absorbing corrosive assault.

The following Ectoparasite exercises the same brew of maelstrom bred rhythmic attack and sonic tantalising but in a distinctly different gait and stance. The bass and riffs prowl and provoke a menacing narrative to the venture but that eventually evolves into a mesmeric sultry weave of melodic grandeur and emotive manipulation before returning in union with the acidic beauty. Though not as instantly dramatic as the first song it worms its charms into the heart and emerges as one of the many highlights of the release.

After the brief and refreshing instrumental Dopamine, the track a rhythmic dance within a heated sway of melodic ambience which allows its sinews to also add their potent textures, Nova takes another of numerous twists with C.O.R.P. and its invention. Ridden by less successful clean vocals which admittedly took time to adjust to, the track teases with some psyched grooves and devouring  rhythms veining another devious web of sonic enterprise which seduces the ear and emotions with ease, the technical flare beguiling without being flamboyant. Intriguing and descriptive in its aural narrative, the song leads thoughts into the visual arms of a sultry and dangerous landscape leaving behind a lingering satisfaction.

The Timemasheen is odd, well in its appearance on the release. A mix of dubstep and trance metal it is a decent enough piece which grips limbs to do its bidding without igniting any real fire in the belly but is utterly out of place on the otherwise impressively creative album. Its touch is soon forgotten though as firstly the excellent instrumental Event Horizon with its predacious intensity and carnivorous rhythmically provoked riffing makes its appearance followed by the three part expanse of The Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio – Prologue opens with a glorious kiss of classical keys and symphonic whispers before climatic drums and growing energy adds extra passion to each aspect. Bone gnawing riffs and flesh scorching grooves emerge to consume without completely dispersing the beauty as the piece pulls the listener into the heart of the sonic travelogue. The Golden Ratio – Interlude takes a moment to re-establish its classic lined grandeur before opening a torrid heat of rapacious malevolence to take the seduction to deeper depths, the pervading union realised to its fullest potency with The Golden Ratio – Epilogue.

It is a stunning three track conclusion declaring and investigating the rich lengths and textures of the songwriting and its immensely crafted interpretation. Nova even with its surprising and less successful moment is an album of the highest pleasure.  Mycelia will be a major force in the future, whether this album is the accelerator is debatable but it gives the confidence to say it will happen at some point.


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Horse Party – Scarlet & Blue EP


Following up the success of previous singles Clarion Call and Back To Mono earlier this year, UK trio Horse Party now treat our senses with the Scarlet & Blue EP, a three track release recorded live at The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds, UK, on Saturday 4th May 2013. It is a release which easily shows why the band is so warmly talked and enthused about for their live presence as much as their recorded material. It is a mesmeric encounter which wraps around the ear as if you were there and sweet talks the passions into being seduced by the magnetic garage rock lures of the band.

Hailing from Bury St Edmunds, Horse Party came together in the latter part of last year with drummer/vocalist Shannon Hope and guitarist/vocalist Seymour Quigley recruiting vocalist/guitarist Eleanor Lou (Ellie Langley) to join their project. Taking inspirations from the likes of Bjork, Fugazi, Cat Power and terrible films into their unique vision, the three piece immediately drew attention with that debut single Clarion Call in January soon joined and exceeded in success by April release Back To Mono.

As the singles, the new EP is released through Sturm Und Drang Recordings and starts off with Back To Mono, its opening guitar a0259051376_2strikes seemingly steeped in the Beatles track Get Back. It is an immediately luring start backed eagerly by the punchy rhythms of Shannon Hope. Simple but as potent as you could wish for the band hold their audience and listener in their musical palms especially when the fine vocals of Eleanor Lou offer a further melodic smouldering ably assisted by the strong tones of Seymour Quigley. It is one of those songs which calls the heart with instinctive understanding of what it needs to find its flame and live its potency is arguably even more powerful.

The following Scarlet & Blue smoulders tenderly in the ear as the vocals and guitar place melodic arms around the shoulders of thoughts and senses. This warm suasion is a constant temptress but has to give way to an equally satisfying raw clash of percussion and riff blaze offering enticing crescendos. Again you can almost feel the mesmerised audience drifting away on the evolving winds of the song such its dominant but reserved temptation.

Final track Six with its sultry air and evocatively heated melodic caresses completes a hat-trick of thoroughly absorbing treats with guitars and vocals, drums and warmth all pouring from the stage through the speakers with creative passion and energy. Alongside its fellow instigators of the passions, the song leaves a lingering impressiveness in its wake to confirm Horse Party as one of the really exciting bands to emerge in the UK in recent months. Available as a free download from the Scarlet & Blue EP is an invitation you really should not pass up.

Catch Horse Party Live 2013 @ Sat 13th July – Bury St Edmunds Hunter Club w/The Vitamins • Sat 31st Aug – Bury St Edmunds Homegrown Festival • Sat 7th Sept – Stowmarket John Peel Centre w/Shonen Knife


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No Middle Name – Another Season


Released on Mollusc Records, the label that brought us the exceptional imaginative sounds of the debut Mammal Hum album last year, Another Season the debut single from No Middle Name is a track which ignites the imagination as it gently swarms around the ear. Offering a lo-fi bred warm enchantment the song is a soundscape for dreams and drifting thoughts in the haze of a summer heat and quite captivating

No Middle Name is the solo project of David Bailey, one half of The Title Sequence. The tale behind the single is that Rory Mansfield of Hull’s Mollusc records gave the artist the opportunity to create No Middle Name by allowing him unlimited access to Glove Box studio to craft an album. This came after a chance meeting at a garden party in Dalston. After an intense seven week period what emerged was not the acoustic piece the label was expecting but a lo-fi dream pop album employing creative and interesting uses of samples within the charms of guitars, synthesizers and the melodic songwriting that Bailey is renowned for with The Title Sequence. After a couple of teases online, Another Season is the first official release from the project and an enthralling invitation to the forthcoming album.

Featuring the delicious ethereal vocals of Lindsay West alongside Bailey, the song emerges from a distance to gently coax and draw in the senses as vocal harmonic samples and musty keys embrace the ear. Once confidently into its stride the dual vocals loudly whisper and glide over the imagination painting an elegant warm experience on their own with the vibrant sounds and enveloping atmosphere adding richer hues to the aural kaleidoscope. Simple in its touch and exquisite in its creation, the single strolls and skips over the emotions making visual suggestions as its evocative caresses and building depths wash over the senses with dreamy temptation.The almost nagging persistence of that vocal sample which haunts the ear from start to finish reminds in effect of The Somnambulist by XTC, its constant niggling a slightly sinister shadow within the golden blaze of splendour elsewhere.

Accompanied by an excellent eccentric animated video which Bailey created using a low-budget scanner and a pad of paper, as well as a series of radio shows exploring the influences behind his new musical path and featuring tracks off the album, as well as one off tracks made exclusively for the mixes at, Another Season is a delicious introduction to band which raises an eager appetite for the future full length release. With a sound said to be heavily influenced by the likes of Wild Nothing and Youth Lagoon, No Middle Name is a major adventure for the musical year set to expand fully when the first album, as suggested by the single, leads thoughts and passions into new arousing sun coated pastures.


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el Camino – Gold of the Great Deceive

Tray insida foto copy copy

Continuing to forge a formidable uncompromising sound from heavy rock and doom metal, Swedish band el Camino return with second album Gold of the Great Deceive, a powerful release which enflames the senses with its vast multi-flavoured essences and muscular frame. Consisting of eight encounters bred from cultural, occult, and historical elements, with an array of musical inspirations to reap the strongest essences of all, the album intrigues and satisfies with a craft and what verges of mischievousness, for something as compelling as it is heavily weighted.

el Camino formed in the winter of 2002/03 though initially was not a hard driven project as its members had commitments with other projects. With a line-up change in 2008 the band felt like it was a new beginning and began exploring new and older material which had been shelved in the previous years. From the Satanik Magiik EP of 2010 the band recorded their debut album, also called Satanik Magiik which had its release through Night Tripper Records the following year. Gaining strong responses and acclaim the quintet of vocalist Daniel, guitarists Nicke and Jimmy Sjöqvist, bassist Timmy Persson, and drummer Mattias Johansson earned further recognition with a split release alongside Rise And Shine called Swedish Assault – A Sacrifice to Venom in 2012 and the Småland EP earlier this year, all appetisers for the heavyweight Gold of the Great Deceive.

The new album is sure to win the band new eager friends though possibly it is not the key yet to the widest recognition, not that it 69671_10151335544013901_2093242078_ndoes not impress in every aspect. It is a demanding album which stares eye to eye with the listener as rhythms cast a weighty web upon the ear and riffs oppress with incendiary sonic finery riding their intensive provocation. It will not be for everyone one suspects, its bulk unrelenting in its pressure but for blues enriched, flame swamped heavy rock it is a more than rewarding distraction from the mundane and unimaginative realms of rock.

The title track opens on a breaking storm as the guitars weave a tantalising melodic beckoning soon to become a quite irresistible sinew driven rhythmic call to arms. As guitars and bass unload their muscular intent alongside a vocal squall, the track swaggers and sways with seductive provocation before the ear, evolving into a transparently addictive lure as that spicy opening groove returns to seduce either side of more gruff vocal calls and sonic testing. As senses licking flames of sonic excellence spring from the guitar for an enthralling solo, the song secures full submission to its smothering yet invigorating presence and introduces the release with a thoroughly riveting venture which to some extent is not matched again on the album.

The following This Land of Mine continues the cultural exchange between lyrics, passion, and thoughts with another pleasing stretch of anthemic vocal calls, well-toned rhythmic force, and melodic imagination. It has to be said that lyrically the album is not the most inventive but is acceptably straight forward to complement the equally direct and unfussy inventive sounds. Though it does not reach the heights of its predecessor it is another incitement of the imagination which steps aside for the more burdening gait of Black Witch Love. With smouldering melodic vapours and sonic winds, the song is a classic rock whispering occult coaxed slab of grievous heaviness from every quarter of its hardy evocation and an instant highlight immediately replaced by another.

Småland is ripe with werewolves and other predators of the night in its tale and is sound-tracked by a stalking narrative from drums and bass which lick voracious through slowly drawing back lips as a melodic mist of potent descriptive atmospheres and hues paints the intimidating scenery. Carrying a suggested sludge endeavour to its doom spawned croon of terror, the song leaves a sure appetite for more awakened.

Arguably through the likes of Torn, The One of Evil, and The Wizard the album slips into an unsurprising stature filled with thickly coloured musical narrative, though this is more from reaping the richness of previous songs than from losing its uniqueness to other bands.  Each still creates a companionship which is easily accepted, enjoyed, and returned to whilst the closing Utmarsch provides one final pinnacle with its crawling aggression and venomous devilry.

Gold of the Great Deceive growls at the ear with craft and heavily honed rock devilment to provide a tasty feast of sonic and melodic fire, and though it might not be amongst best of year choices come December it will remain one of the more appetising fires to come along this year.


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Pteroglyph unveil new video!‏

Pteroglyph Online Promo picture
PTEROGLYPH release new video for The Great Unseen in preparation for a
rousing new EP set to be unleashed this summer. 
Pteroglyph is the collective musical and artistic workings of UK maestro ‘Jimmy MacGregor’. Ex Mishkin member Jimmy MacGregor has poured from all of his vast touring and studio experience to hand-craft a record that has multi-layered technical structures, rampant fretwork and colossal power—all from one talented individual!
After cutting his teeth for over eight years playing with a series of well respected bands, Jimmy decided to strike out on his own, taking it upon himself to build the foundations of a new project that would become ‘Pteroglyph’. Under the guise of Pteroglyph, Jimmy has already released his debut EP ‘Found’, which garnered widespread underground support, including having a track from the record selected for the covermount CD of Metal Hammer (January 2013). The EP has helped to rapidly increase Pteroglyph’ s national profile and fan-base.
Pteroglyph now step up with a brand new record entitled ‘The Great Unseen’.  The new EP boasts an impressive array of styles and swings from Devin Townsend-esque soundscapes to the ferocious beatings of Sylosis and Gojira. Encompassing three merged tracks over fifteen minutes, the record rips open the envelope, pushing fresh boundaries and illustrating Jimmy Mac’s extensive creative talent and craft for producing cutting edge and exhilarating progressive metal.
Check out the new video for The Great Unseen @
* Pteroglyph’s new EP ‘The Great Unseen’ is unleashed on Monday 26th August
through Red Tower Records and is available through all national outlets and stores.*