Friday Club – All I Wanna Do Is

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One of those insatiable riots you know you have to climb on board with as it teases and taunts the ears, All I Wanna Do Is the new single from UK rockers Friday Club is an irresistible flame of invigorating unpolished fiery rock ‘n’ roll. It grabs you from the first second and exhausts your energy as it takes limbs and voice on a charge of sonic mischief and blues edged aural addiction. The Birmingham band has been earning some very potent reactions and support over recent months and with ease the single shows why.

Earning strong acclaim with their live shows which has seen them in their short time as a band playing This Feeling and supporting the likes of Chase & Status, Labrinth, and Black Tambourines, Friday Club added extra fuel to their seemingly instant rise when putting up the live demo of the track Fall Down Kids, the song breeding more ardour their way, as did the putting up online the lead track from this single (the ‘unclean’ version named All I Wanna Do Is Fuck) , its appearance grabbing over a thousand listens within its first week. Recorded live the new single is set to accelerate things again, it has all the weaponry and temptation required it just needs ears.

All I Wanna Do Is instantly sears the ear with a sonic lance of guitar coaxing soon backed by rhythmic hustling from drums and540877_432364740174910_15284868_n bass and an expansion to the acidic melodic guitar wash. Settling into a slightly less urgent gait as the strong vocals add their expressive touch, the song is a blaze of compelling and contagious persuasion with climactic infection soaked choruses which ensure that if the listener is not already stomping in league with the aural bait they cannot resist any longer. I have to be honest and say the omission of the word ‘Fuck’ in the chorus is a mistake or certainly should have been replaced by something as the sudden pause/pull up does feel like a blip in what is an outstanding song. Nevertheless it is a thrilling bad boy of a track which with its slight Jesus and Mary Chain jaunt and scuzzy House of Love like melodic drive makes for a riveting and passion inciting encounter.

The accompanying Tropical is a wonderfully raw and again fire emblazoned sonic  wash, its surf rock like sirenesque lure a delicious heat over the raucous dirt covered rock ‘n’ roll floor of the song. With undemanding but firmly gripping rhythms and sizzling guitar grazes, as well as a great caustic snarl to the vocals, the song is an aurally mischievous brawl which like its co-conspirator steals the passions.

For rock music with a devilish swagger to its attitude and impossibly virulent call to its raw honest body, All I Wanna Do Is has all the ingredients of a classic and the band all the imagination and passion to become a real inventive force.


RingMaster 22/06/2013


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