SideSteps – Bad To The Core music video/single release


2.5 years after their first official EP release, Belgium-born, London-based band SideSteps come back with a new music video and single called ‘Bad To The Core’. The Ringmaster Review is proud to have an exclusive video premiere and free download of their new song.

The sound of SideSteps, as the singer Tommy Darker simply describes it, is like ‘Depeche Mode with more guitars’, heavily influenced by dark bands like Joy Division, She Wants Revenge and more dancy jazz acts, like Parov Stelar. Their music celebrates the dark side of oneself, the passions that motivate us and the insecurities that make us beautiful and unique. Their aesthetics: they love whatever is dark, sexy and elegant, red, black and white.

Their new single is a confession of a man who acknowledges that he’s hurt a lot of people, but never meant to. Can anyone relate to this situation? Absolutely, it happens every day. In the visual part, the plot of the video is an adaptation of the story of two vampire brothers, written by the American horror novelist LA Nantz. Vampire lover themselves, Stephen LA Nantz wrote this story especially for SideSteps, inspired by their ominous tunes.

Their new single is available to watch and download for free exclusively here Enjoy!

 sidesteps vid

SideSteps are performing their inaugural performance in London at Theatro Technis in Camden on Monday the 24th of June.

Die for 9 is an interactive, theatrical rock experience. The show combines dark rock music, dance, strong visuals, improvised performances by SideSteps as well as German band  Ego Get Your Gun, but YOU are the main star of the night.

If you’re free, be there and enjoy some darkness.

SideSteps vid 2

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