Fade Out – Welcome to My Hell

Fade-Out - Welcome to My Hell - 2013

Fancy being thrust into a caustic creative storm…an agitated squall of rapacious and voracious imagination? Then checking out Welcome to My Hell, the debut album from Russian band Fade Out is a must. Combining a core of alternative and nu-metal with varied abrasive extras, band and release create an encounter with is richly invigorating and enthralling whilst simultaneously being intrusive and corrosive. Whether chewing the senses or bewitching them with acid borne melodic enterprise the album conjures a stirring web of invention proving that certainly nu-metal is not quite an empty well yet.

Formed in 2007 in Voronezh, Fade Out initially started out with a gothic metal intent but soon the band decided to explore a heavier nu-metal sound. The following year saw their first single released, the song proving to be the last to be sung in Russian by the band and the final appearance on vocals of guitarist Roman “Dagen” Davidov. From this point Fade Out decided all future songs would be sung in English only, the direction easily accepted as the band added incoming vocalist Katerina Davidova to the line-up. With the autumn of 2008 came second single Don’t Shoot followed in 2009 by festival appearances and gigs, all strengthening the rising reputation and fanbase of the band. Late the same year though also saw Fade Out go on a lengthy hiatus though a maxi-single kept their sound and name in the thoughts and passions of fans. The line-up of Davidova, Davidov, guitarist Ilia Sysoev, bassist Roman Kurlykin, and drummer Evgeniy Yakunin returned in 2012 and immediately began gracing festivals and working on releasing their full-length debut, Welcome to My Hell.

From the exploratory kinetic maelstrom of the intro Fade-In, the album sets to work on the senses with the exhilarating title track. Immediately riffs are rigorously rubbing the ear whilst drums unleash a mesh of bone splintering rhythms and the bass stomps with equal hunger within it all. It is an instantly contagious invitation set ablaze by the emerged carnivorous charge of the track and the rapacious vocals of Davidova, her delivery impressive guttural squalls stemmed from malevolence and bestial invention. The track gnaws with insidious passion but throughout the onslaught is constantly evolving and twisting its back and imagination for an irresistibly captivating forage of the senses. There is diversity and skilled provocation to every aspect of the song, musically and vocally which preys on the ear with craft and devilment like a mix in many ways of Iwrestledabearonce and Spineshank.

The following I Realize continues the stunning start, warning sounds heralding its malicious invention. Heavy riffs and intimidating rhythms wrap viciously around its recipient whilst again vocally there is a tempest of aggressive passion. Into its stride the track shifts and swerves into further intriguing and rewarding adventures, sonic enticements and ingenious avenues that only light stronger rapture for what is offered. In its nastier aspects there is a feel of Otep to the ravenous provocation whilst where melodies bring their easier warmth it is hard to imagine rock any more satisfying.

The open diversity continues through the menacing and oppressively chaotic Jump!, the industrial spiced Don’t Shoot, and Five Seconds with extensive cleaner vocals being merged with again wonderfully coarse scowls, all the songs exceptional and impacting confrontations. Amongst them is another major highlight in the scintillating shape of Ultima Ratio. Once more the vocals crawl the range from melodic to vicious with skill and temptation whilst musically the song is an insatiable fire of classic rock, groove metal, and melodic endeavour which, like the album as a whole, gives expectations short thrift with its unpredictable and fully imaginative course.

The opening of Twitch For Threads is a delicious mix of a pit spawned throaty bass lure and the kind of sound which harkens the presence of a devil in Asian horror movies like The Ring, the subsequent passage of the song intimidating as it crawls through its and your darkest shadows with evocative vocals and addictively harmful essences. It is an excellent lingering ‘evil’ soon pushed aside by the outstanding Annihilation Tool, another Otep like toxin of predatory fervour and esurient addict forming excellence leaving the senses and heart a furnace of lust.

Completed by Пять секунд, the Russian sung version of Five Seconds, and the closing Три цвета (Three Colours)which features Davidov on vocals, Welcome to My Hell is a thoroughly exhilarating storm and hopefully the start of a constant and successful presence for Fade Out, metal and definitely nu/alternative metal needs this band.


RingMaster 20/06/2013

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Steik – War With You EP


Formed in 2008, Russian band Steik has honed their sound into one which is engagingly melodic but framed and cored by sinews which ensure a full and richly satisfying encounter. Initially called Ierikhon, the band created old school heavy metal sounds with strong additional female vocals which left an eager appetite in place. It was in 2012 and the joining of vocalist Michael Koldirev to the band that Steik then turned to an even heavier and aggressive stance for their songs, a move on the evidence of their debut EP War With You (Война с самим Собой), that gives the band an even stronger platform to make the a wide impression.

Recently signed with GlobMetal Promotions and working on their debut album for a release later this year, Steik make their introduction with a trio of songs that in varied guises shows the strength and rich promise of a band with all the elements to claim that larger recognition. It also fires up sure intrigue for their forthcoming full-length release which you can only suspect will make another strong step in the evolving presence of the band.

The Wings (Крылья) is a gentle stroking of the ear and emotions, melodic carvings from the guitar and vocal harmonies between Koldirev and the backing voices, female and male, an emotive invitation that without lighting any fires inside holds attention from start to finish and grips tighter as energy and passion raise their heads across the song.  There is a sense of shadow from the bass and subsequent elevated tones which ensures further intrigue has a part in the skilfully crafted encounter for pleasing results and overall it is a track which provides a worthwhile use of time more than anything else.

The other two songs on the EP though are another matter, both muscular and hungry tracks which show the real might of the band.  Choosing on My Own (Выбираю Cам) opens on a deliciously throaty mix of bass resonance and heavy guitar, which instantly shifts into artillery bred riffs and rapping beats. It is a demanding and commanding start soon built upon by excellent keys and the grooved enterprise of the guitars. With again vocals impressing and the song merging classic rock and metal into an infectious and captivating persuasion, the track finds a firm connection and impact on thoughts and emotions, especially when it seduces some symphonic elements and fiery metallic strikes to add their voice.

If not already convinced the title track ensures that the release and band are to be taken as an emerging force. A great enticing guitar tease opens up the appetite before things turn into an industrial flamed welcome, but as already evident things will not take one simple path and the song moves through a stretch of heavy metal and melodic rock filtered through a gripping blaze of groove metal aggression. It is an excellent fascination of a song that reinforces the band as one to keep a close eye upon, especially when their album comes out. Best track on the release, it alone sparks that hunger and the thought that there is also still much more within for the band to explore.

Though lyrically, due to songs being sung in Russian, things are a mystery it makes little difference to the pull and appeal of War With Yourself. It is a release which makes a strong and impressive introduction to the band and an appetising taster for their album. To leap into the wider fields of awareness it might be the album which is the trigger rather than this EP but you sense that the band is on course for that success at some point.


RingMaster 20/06/2013

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Yes Rebels – The Mixtapes EP

yes rebels pic

We are not sure what is being put in the water system of the city of Bristol here in the UK but one side effect seems to be a never ending supply of exciting and inventive emerging bands. From metal to rock, noise to indie, every month more bands step out of its shadows to enthral and captivate. One of the more compelling and dynamic bands to make their impressive declaration is rockers Yes Rebels. Merging a mix of indie and alternative rock with an array of spices from fifties rock ‘n’ roll, sixties pop, and nineties adventure, the quartet of Bobby Anderson, Des Rogers, Tom Kuras, and Steve Handover have created their own unique form of devilment and mischievous enterprise. It is rock music brought with passion and enthusiasm, the band with an energy and presence which a great many others could learn from.

Yes Rebels formed in 2010 with the intent and inspiration of the likes of Superchuck and Fugazi and their DIY ethics fuelling thoughts and hearts. The band soon gained a potent fanbase and reputation for their live shows to become one of the most inventive and thrilling forces in their home city. The Mixtapes EP is their introduction to the wider ears of the nation and like their sound a release brought with invention and originality. Determined to make their sound accessible for all, as shown by the band touring across Bristol and further afield for free, the four piece posted videos on YouTube of the four new songs making up the release. Then for everyone who shared them, the guys sent them the track for free ensuring not only their name and music was spread further around but their mission to provide music for their fans for free came with imagination and fun.

It has to be said as each track dances and romp over the ear it is hard to imagine the band will need a lot of help in making a formidable name for themselves but many hands makes a rich stew of awareness for sure and the EP certainly deserves it. Consisting of four songs the release is a riotous seduction of guitar devilry, emotional soul, and blistering temptation led by the excellent expressive tones of vocalist Anderson, the son of Young Disciples and Brand New Heavies singer Carleen Anderson.  Once the likes of Sailor J Serenade grips the senses, swerving and tempting with hungry insistent rhythms and guitar teasing there is nothing but submission to its will on the cards. Its core drum call is irresistible, holding the listener by the shoulders as the sonic carving from the guitar lays a compelling design across the senses. As it unveils more and more of its depths and imagination the song remains unpredictable and dramatically magnetic, the snarl of the bass a gripping intimidation within the superbly crafted melodic flames just one of its acclaim pulling aspects.

Diversity is also a major key to the release, the sixties pop swagger of Them’s The Breaks crooning on the passions like a mix of The Dave Clark Five and Kaiser Chiefs with a touch of Buzzcocks and Wah! to its adventure, just one distinct and radiant offering whilst Out Of The Gun carefully recruits the passions with the kind of intensive hooks which marked the early days of The Cure. It must be stated again though that the sound is unique, the band twisting it into its own maelstrom of invention and pleasure, this track alone additionally scarring with the noise discord found in the likes of The Gaa Gaas and sinister sonic taunting bred by The Pixies.

Fourth song on The Mixtapes is pure virulent contagion for which cures are unknown. Who Wants To Be An American romps with swagger and devilry leading the listener into a feast of melodic enterprise and an epidemic of addiction making hooks. Best described as Maximo Park meets The Farmers Boys and Freddie & The Dreamers, which does not really help your imagination to be honest such its individual stance, the song alone makes the band one to drool over but with its conspirators on the EP makes the strongest inducement to adore and stalk the Bristol tempters. So no dawdling off you go….


Check out their videos below and grab your free gems.






RingMaster 20/06/2013

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SideSteps – Bad To The Core music video/single release


2.5 years after their first official EP release, Belgium-born, London-based band SideSteps come back with a new music video and single called ‘Bad To The Core’. The Ringmaster Review is proud to have an exclusive video premiere and free download of their new song.

The sound of SideSteps, as the singer Tommy Darker simply describes it, is like ‘Depeche Mode with more guitars’, heavily influenced by dark bands like Joy Division, She Wants Revenge and more dancy jazz acts, like Parov Stelar. Their music celebrates the dark side of oneself, the passions that motivate us and the insecurities that make us beautiful and unique. Their aesthetics: they love whatever is dark, sexy and elegant, red, black and white.

Their new single is a confession of a man who acknowledges that he’s hurt a lot of people, but never meant to. Can anyone relate to this situation? Absolutely, it happens every day. In the visual part, the plot of the video is an adaptation of the story of two vampire brothers, written by the American horror novelist LA Nantz. Vampire lover themselves, Stephen LA Nantz wrote this story especially for SideSteps, inspired by their ominous tunes.

Their new single is available to watch and download for free exclusively here http://bit.ly/sidestepsbad. Enjoy!

 sidesteps vid

SideSteps are performing their inaugural performance in London at Theatro Technis in Camden on Monday the 24th of June.

Die for 9 is an interactive, theatrical rock experience. The show combines dark rock music, dance, strong visuals, improvised performances by SideSteps as well as German band  Ego Get Your Gun, but YOU are the main star of the night.

If you’re free, be there and enjoy some darkness.

SideSteps vid 2