Shadow of Myself – Self Titled EP

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As their debut self-titled EP shows, North Carolina rock band Shadow of Myself straddles a vast plain of rock/metal music to offer an appeal which can easily seduce the passions of melodic and hard rock fans through to southern and classic rock ones, not forgetting Bay Area type thrash hearts too. The three track release is a fiery and enterprising slice of pleasure making a near irresistible invitation to check out the band’s first album scheduled for later in the year.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Metallica, and Pantera, the Charlotte quintet has earned an impressive reputation for their sounds, with extensive national radio play, and live shows which has had them grace stages alongside a diverse expanse of national bands from Three Days Grace through to L.A Guns. With a newly revamped line-up, Shadow of Myself is poised to make 2013 the launch pad to greater recognition and success with firstly this EP and then the following album.

Produced by Jamie King, renowned for working with artists such as Between the Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, Protest the Hero, SOM_front_panel1 The Human Abstract, and KillWhitneyDead, the release sets about the ears with melodic fire through opener Supraliminal. Thumping rhythms from drummer Dustin Foley cage the senses with intense potency before the guitars of Brian Baker and John Conway shape the track further with sonic endeavour and enterprise. It is an immediately welcoming and impacting song which leaves a wealth of satisfaction in its wake as vocalist Travis Keziah brings his excellent emotive tones to bear on the narrative with diversity and great caustic squalls within his cleaner expressive delivery. Though not a song to ignite burning fires in the passions, it more than makes a rich invitation into the sound and creative songwriting of the band which the following pair of songs exploits to its deepest compelling depths.

The following Until the End makes a strong if not dramatic entrance with once more the guitar carving a sonic web to wrap within, but once the tsunami of primal ridiculously contagious beats from Foley overwhelm and ignite the senses the track explodes into a ravenous feast of thrash lined rapacious intensity and mutually hungry invention. Riffs gnaw the ear whilst the bass of Brian Riley adds delicious intimidation, or rather extra menace to what is now a pleasing brawl of a confrontation fuelled by a fine melodic persuasion. More aggressive and impacting than its predecessor, the track is an outstanding storm of inventive, evocative passion, and stylish songwriting, the best song on the EP.

The closing Your Addiction is bred from the same thrilling template as the second song but delivers it through a blaze of thrash lilted rapaciousness with a clear Metallica like growl and melodic lure to its body. Its incisive groove is an enthralling flame around the again excellent vocals and fine rhythmic seduction, and on top of the virulence infectious call of the song even in its less urgent gait, makes for another outstanding track and temptress to the impending full-length release.

It is probably fair to say that Shadow of Myself is not breaking down boundaries or offering anything new in originality but when they use existing varied essences in such a refreshing and intriguing way there is only full satisfaction and hunger for more sparked into life. Roll on the album is all that is left to say.


RingMaster 19/06/2013


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