FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS announce debut ‘We’re Not Losing….’, to be released on 26th August.‏

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‘For All The Wrong Reasons’ release their debut record ‘We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning’ on Monday 26th August, through all digital sources.
UK Melodic Punksters ‘For All The Wrong Reasons’ come at you with slamming power-pop thrusts and snarly melodic blasts that nod towards ‘The Story So Far’ and Brit tunesmiths ‘Deaf Havana’; the result is distinctly contagious and altogether alluring.
Freshly formed at the start of the year, ‘For All the Wrong Reasons’ are comprised of Alex Statham (Vocals), Jacob Pointing (Guitar & Vocals), Chris Dunn (Guitar), Aiden De Ruiter (Bass) and Lou Coe (Drums). Hailing from Lincoln, the emerging quintet have wasted no time and have ploughed themselves head first into intense rehearsals and have already penned an onslaught of songs.
The irrepressible five-some have just come out of Regal House Recording Studios (whose previous work includes While She Sleeps, Paige and Deaf Havana) with their debut EP ‘We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning’ which boasts five killer tracks crammed with upbeat guitar parts and melody drenched choruses so contagious they’ll require an exorcist to release them from your head. From the insanely catchy ‘These Past Few Years Haven’t Been So Kind,’ through to the anthemic ‘Worn Out’, For All The Wrong Reasons have produced a supremely tuneful debut that is laced with delectable hooks delivered with gritty twists and rampant live energy. The band are currently putting the finishing touches on their new video single ‘These Past Few Years Haven’t Been So Kind’ and will hit the road extensively in support of the record throughout the remainder of the year.
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PTEROGLYPH unveil ‘The Great Unseen’, out 26th August‏

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Pteroglyph is the collective musical and artistic workings of UK maestro ‘Jimmy MacGregor’. Ex Mishkin member MacGregor has poured from all of his vast touring and studio experience to hand-craft a record that has multi-layered technical structures, rampant fretwork and colossal power—all from one talented individual!
After cutting his teeth for over eight years playing with a series of well respected bands, Jimmy decided to strike out on his own, taking it upon himself to build the foundations of a new project that would become Pteroglyph. Under the guise of Pteroglyph, Jimmy has already released his debut EP ‘Found’, which garnered widespread underground support, including having a track from the record selected for the cover mount CD of Metal Hammer (January 2013). The EP has helped to rapidly increase Pteroglyph’ s national profile and fan-base.
Pteroglyph now step up with a brand new record entitled ‘The Great Unseen’.  The new EP boasts an impressive array of styles and swings from Devin Townsend-esque soundscapes to the ferocious beatings of Sylosis and Gojira. Encompassing three merged tracks over fifteen minutes, the record rips open the envelope, pushing fresh boundaries and illustrating Jimmy Mac’s extensive creative talent and craft for producing cutting edge and exhilarating progressive metal.
Pteroglyph Cover Artwork
* Pteroglyph’s new EP ‘The Great Unseen’ is unleashed on Monday 26th August through Red Tower Records and is available through all national outlets and stores.*
TRACKLISTING: 1. The Great Unseen (Part 1-3)
BAND MEMBERS: Jimmy MacGregor – Vocals/Guitars/Programming/Production
FOR FANS OF: Devin Townsend, Sylosis, Gojira


Subject Seven – Fall Of The Four


UK metallers Subject Seven never fails to offer up an experience and release which plays with and ignites the senses, eventually working into the passions with generally incendiary results. New album Fall Of The Four is no exception, a release which comes at the listener with a varied expressive presence to captivate the imagination whilst feeding primal needs. It brings ten melodically flaming tracks with equally compelling sinews and muscular intensity veining to its multi-flavoured body and from start to finish leaves a more than healthy satisfaction.

Formed in 2010, the Preston quartet did not stand still waiting for acclaim and interest, taking a mere trio of weeks to record debut EP New Dawn and soon standing as one of the more enterprising and welcomed international touring act, the band playing over 250 shows in their first 2 years leading to their critically acclaimed debut album Seven Rising of 2012. Led by acclaimed Underground Horror Director (Creepsville, Slasher House)and vocalist MJ Dixon, and made up of members of Dennis Delight, Hockey Mask Heroes and Ocean Bend in the shape of guitarist Sam Saint, bassist Jim jam, and drummer Paul Swindells, Subject Seven has continued to earn respect and a devoted fan base through singles like Come Out Tonight, No Fate, and Search The Dark and their additional videos, and their fiery live performances which has seen them alongside bands such as AC/DC, Iced Earth, and TerrorVision. Passionately independent forming their own unique record label and production house Mycho Records which has seen them work with first class acts like Sinnergod, Better Left Alone, Promethium and Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden/Wolfsbane), the band laid down the strongest temptation for their new release with the recent release of the single and video Heart Of Osiris.

It is a persuasion soon cemented by the album which opens with said single. The atmospheric opening drama of the song is pure Subject 7 covercinematic menace, its tantalising and sinister breath evolving into an electro metal taunting of the ear ripened further by the crisp and potent rhythms and knee staggering riff strikes. Alongside the formidable aggressive provocative the keys continue to wash the ear with evocative and warm caresses whilst the vocals similarly seduce rather than antagonise for a strong and expressive welcome. After listening to the album and in hindsight, the song is maybe not the track we would have chosen to lay an invitation down for the album but there is no denying its imaginative venture with symphonic whispers coating its rising flumes of melodic elegance.

The following You Heard It Here First snaps at the ear with a feistier beckoning whilst again coaxing with melodic invention for a mix of classic and groove metal with a distinct stamp of the band on its vibrant hide. The track is another rise to the album and as third song 14∑E (04U) lights up the ear the sense of it getting better and better as it progresses is strong and proven across its subsequent offerings. This track like its predecessors merges a pleasing electro teasing to its muscular craft and passion bringing essences of Killswitch Engage and Silent Descent into a more hard rock lilted melodically crafted endeavour.

Both Diablo and Celestion enthral with their distinct breaths, the first laying a folky breeze intriguingly upon its contagious and potent grooves and essence  developed further by the keys amongst the hungrier riffs and intensity whilst its successor is an enchanting soaking of emotive ambience and sonically kissed melodic beauty. It is a simmering piece of instrumental fire which showcases the impressive craft of the men behind the sound and their songwriting, which at times can be submerged within the infectious call of songs.

From the insatiable virulence of Never Let You Go the album lifts an even greater head of potency and temptress like persuasion, Iblis Trigger taking the lead with its rampant energy and senses caging riffs and rhythmic provocation. The song raises a more attitude driven passion but still allows the melodic strengths and addiction of band and song to have their declaration within its enslaving stature, the guitar laying a narrative of sonic heat within the heart of the track to secure greater attention.

Both To Deth We Ride and Thirteenth Hour stomp with another elevation in fervency, each ridiculously catchy and easy recruiters of listener assistance with invention veined with metallic spirals recalling the likes of Maiden and Dio, whilst closing song The Fall makes for a pleasing and visually inspiring conclusion though the fun hidden track Chinese Vampire has the last enterprising and mischievous say.

The only wish you could have for the release is maybe a more rabid snarl to its confrontation and elements, a growl which actually takes a bite across the length of Fall Of The Four rather than making just suggestions. Nevertheless the album is a richly satisfying and pleasing release which shows exactly why Subject Seven is constantly on the playlist of a great many melodic metal fans.


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Age of Menace – All Seeing Lie EP


Since forming in 2010, Australian metallers Age Of Menace has not only carved a formidable and striking presence within the underground scene of their country but also across the internet taking the band in the arms of eager acclaim further afield and numerous radio shows, especially The Bone Orchard at The quartet from Sydney has always had a snarl and creative rapaciousness which has set them apart from most and a virulent passion within their devouring potent sounds but with the release of their new EP All Seeing Lie, the band has unleashed a new growl and intensity to their songwriting and presence. The four tracks making up the release all prowl and chew the senses like sonic predators, their carnivorous riffs, cantankerous rhythms, and intensity sculpted vocals combining for  blistering slabs of aggressive invention and corrosive imagination. Age Of Menace has, since their previous release, evolved into a new bestial confrontation, one bringing stealth and deceptive contagiousness to the intent of sending senses and thoughts into the jaws of thrilling and scintillating aural danger. It is an exhilarating declaration of a band which is now a real irresistible force.

Consisting of vocalist Rob Smith, guitarists Pete Ross, drummer Adam Breakspear, and bassist Adam Barns who produced the band’s earlier releases and tracks before joining full time last year, Age of Menace merge a vicious vein of metal to equally impacting melodic rock temptation, the results music which chews and savages the ear and beyond whilst seduces them with addiction forming hooks and melodic enterprise to ensure only willing victims. There has always been an attitude and antagonistic edge to their music which you feel comes from the union of its member’s distinct personalities and their potent union and here too All Seeing Lie offers a new depth and intimidation which carves an even more indelible lure within the passions.

Opener My World charges at the ear from a distance, its emerging presence hiding a rabid appetite behind the coaxing guitar until aom002coverstanding eye to ear with the listener and ready to prey on their weaknesses. Once at its full height the song cages the senses with snappy firm rhythms and a deep throaty bass provocation whilst Ross teases with sharp and fiery melodic twists of sonic enterprise. Now in command it settles into an eager but restrained temptation of flaming guitar, moody bass taunting, and rhythmic caging from the drums, whilst all the while the excellent and expressive tones of Smith drive the lyrical heart and shadows of the song into thoughts and psyche with lethal effect. The track is a primal instigator bringing personal dark corners into play with its own evocative shadows yet at the same time is a deeply satisfying epidemic of infectious invention.

It is an impressive start soon matched by the next up Ritual, its imaginative poise and diversity an unrelenting intrigue enflaming another wash of heated ardour. Initially a melodic and dare one say mellow, well in comparison to other moments on the EP, embrace wraps its fingers around an awakening adventure whilst vocals as welcoming and warm as the sounds seduces from within the elegant coaxing. To ensure the sinister air is still there prying and lurking bass and drums rile up the atmosphere with intensive barracking, their voices opening the gate for another explosive stretch of savagery. Expectations assume this is a fury to stay but the schizophrenic will of the song returns to its earlier charm before again twisting it all up into a maelstrom of unpredictable excellence. As they are already renowned for, Age Of Menace craft the songs on the EP with skilled and expressive musicianship bringing the full essence and depths of their songs forward as a vibrant fire but again it is fair to say the release has evolved that texture too.

Creatures Of Habit and Start It Finish It, complete the release taking it to even greater thrilling levels. The first of the two flirts with the ear at its start, drums and bass dancing on its surface whilst the guitar taunts from behind their touch before it is all pulled into an intensive adrenaline fuelled adversarial goading, riffs and sinews searing with venomous energy and vocals sharing coarse whispers and blazing passion across the riveting stimulation. The song is a ferocious triumph which again is unafraid to catch the listener by surprise and shuffle its ingenuity into exhaustingly pleasing ways. It leaves a tall order for its successor to contend with but Start It Finish It does so with ease and aggressive excellence, the more rock toned riot a vehicle of unbridled galvanic energy and passion brewed into a brawling treat. If there is any niggle about the EP it is that it ends here once the song has finished ravaging and accelerated the now raging lustful hunger inside for much more.

    All Seeing Lie EP is outstanding and vigorously thrusts Age Of Menace into the major leagues of metal/rock crafting bands. They will be making impacting noises around the world from this point on one suspects and hopes; whether the world is ready for their fury time will tell.

The album is released June 14th find out more at


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Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Far West


This is our first venture with Master Musicians Of Bukkake but if their previous releases are as potent and exhilarating as Far West this will only be the beginning of a full and intimate adventure. Following on from their Totem series of albums, the six track expanse of sensually provocative and emotively empowering sounds is a mesmeric yet at times intimidating course through dramatic climes, perception enlightening landscapes, and an incitement to the exploration of personal  and emotional depths. It is meditative and challenging but most of all grippingly enthralling.

Master Musicians of Bukkake is a group of musicians from the Pacific Northwest shrouded in mystery but said to have been originally founded in 2003 and featuring members of Earth, Burning Witch, Grails, The Accüsed, and Asva. Their sounds are seeded and derived from ceremonial music which the band evolves into its own epically tantalising and emotion involving presence. Following their first release Visible Sign of the Invisible Order in 2005, the then septet explored the psyche with their Totem trilogy, Totem One emerging in 2009. We are told the three albums, Two out in 2010 and Three the following year, were different beasts to the new album yet equally as imagination stretching but without a personal experience thoughts can only suggest and tease to their grandeurs using the magnetic beauty of Far West as the template.

The new Important Records album is a merger of psychedelic coloured palettes with progressive sonic brushes all involving hues of atmospheric and soul enriched commentary to their designs. It is a startling and impossibly contagious tempest of inventive shamanistic textures all wrapping and encroaching heart and mind sculpting compelling and continually evolving feelings and narratives within their own creative arts. To be honest Far West is not that easy to portray in words certainly its intensive persuasion and effect on the emotive core of the listener, but bear with us as we do our best to relay the might and majesty of the encounter.

A fall through sinister and menacing sonic air brings opener White Mountain Return into view, its rasping breath soon speared and making way for a bone resonating call of repetitive drums and electronic niggling. With percussion adding inciting suggestions to the already hypnotic hold of the track, the guitars stroke coaxingly as a flight into wide and seductive endeavours beckons. The listener at this point is standing on the edge of an epic cliff top poised to take a leap of faith into the arms of the melodic winds and warm yet mysterious realms of the song. Once into the aerial tide of energy and creative breezes with hawk like sonic strikes keeping shadows a constant threat, thoughts and emotions are triggered into an almost exhausting stretch of imagination and visual evocation.

It is a stunning start seamlessly transforming into the equally compelling γη-νομος / Gnomi. Within a few melodic caresses mellow vocals add their masterful fascination to this new stance of adventure, the hot teasing air of the track kissing the senses along the sultry walk now being undertaken in the imagination. As the track plays with the listener’s invention, igniting further emprise within their simultaneously emerging story, the song graces the passions like a mix between The Doors, Caravan, and Helldorado. It is a western lilted submergence leading to the darker but no less intensively tempting fires to come.

Arche stalks the ear with a drone bred persuasion, the rhythmic framing and compulsion soon joined by the swarming intent and breath of scenery carving sounds. The narcotic call of the track is a virulent captivation, its hold and enticement increasing with every persistent energetic yet funereal beat and each melancholic but warm melodic beckon. It is a stroll through a menacing cavern of doubts and shadows but with a silent rich lure from Cave Of Light: The Prima Materia waiting ahead to envelope magnetised senses. Underground electronic bubbles of light breath energy into the cavernous ambience of the new song with again beats making their descriptive tale before the stunning mix of vocals, sky soaring harmonies, and Gregorian chant like flames court and sway with the equally irresistible guitar and brass fuelled beauty. It is a sensational piece within nothing but outstanding epics of songwriting and vision, a track which places its recipients into a hall of ‘gods’ visually whilst taking an inward tour of personal depths and emotions.

The album closes with firstly You Are A Dream Like Your Dreamer: The Dark Peace, a piece of music which stands within its own distinctly impacting conflict of dark and light, and lastly the enchanting Circular Ruins, a track based on the Jorge Louis Borges story of the same title. Far West is a deliciously evocative and emotionally incendiary piece of work which is intense and outstanding as a whole or as individual adventures, either having the same strength and impact on thoughts and passions…one of the albums of the year? We think so!

Master Musicians of Bukkake is:

David Abramson: percussion, drums, tef, shaman shakers, green fog

B.R.A.D: percussion, vocals, candles, sights unseen

Don McGreevy: percussion, drums, 12 string electric and acoustic guitar, mellotron, bass, brass arrangements

Randall Dunn: korg analog synths, mellotron, divining rod, water seeking foolishness

Milky: electric and acoustic guitar, synths, vocals, mossy fuzz

Timm Mason: electric guitar, serge modular synth, electric bass, insects


Additional “Far West ” Congregation and guests:

Samantha Boshnak: trumpet, flugelhorn

Naomi Siegal: trombone

White Mountian Voices: Nils Petterson, Rabia Quazi, Richie Rico

Keith Lowe: contra bass

Craig Flory: baritone and tenor saxophone


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